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The Crightons are a well-known, wealthy English family that has turned out generation after generation of lawyers. Jonathan and David are twins, and Jonathan, the quieter of the two brothers, has spent years living in David’s shadow. His wife, Jenny, even dated David first, until David abandoned her when she got pregnant. Jonathan proposed to her instead, as if to make up for David’s wrongdoing. But everything changes when David has a heart attack and collapses at their fiftieth birthday party. It turns out that David has been embezzling funds from a client, and the family is plunged into an unprecedented crisis. Problems that had been slumbering in darkness come to life one after another, and David begins to wonder whose love he can really trust.

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perfect is not the word I would use 3  3

As I stated in my title, perfect is not the word I would use. So, we get a short version of 80-100 years back about how the cook family came to be then we fast forward to deal with present family. The current head has two sons; one's flashy and over the top and the other is reserved and a gentleman. The wives match their husbands and there's tension all around. Our reserved couple is martial problems of trust because before the R.W. was with R.H, she was dating F.H. who got her pregnant then denied the child. The R.H. married her out of obligation but the baby died and they stayed married and had a couple of kids. Now, R.H. still thinks that R. W. has feelings for his brother and R. W. feels that R.H. only married her out of obligation and doesn't really love her at all. F.H. is all about appearance and is tired of having the pay the endless bills that F.W. has for clothes and other things. F.W. is so focused on her appearance because she wants to be better than R.W. In fact, she starves herself around the age of 30's to 40's but when confronted with a stressful situation( like the husband running away and leaving the family in financial and image ruin) or something doesn't go her way (R.H. rejecting her advances), she binges eats like a half-crazed starved animal. This whole cycle is a recurring thing that scares her kids, has her own daughter act like she's older than her mother and frightened of the idea that the man she's brought with her won't want her when he meets her family. *Note*: the man, an American seems to hold his own pretty well, even against the snobbish and arrogant cousin of the woman, the R.H.'s son. The R.H's son who is just a pig, because he's the head of the family's favorite and he thinks he's entitled to everything. He wishes the F.H. was his dad because he hates how plain his dad is. He also feels that his mother doesn't love him because of the way she looks at him. You should see how he reacts and schemes when he finds out someone else took the head position and it turns out to be a very nice lady(*at the end, they get married & I know there was no feelings of love coming off the hero). The situation is vice versa with his girl cousin who wishes her mother was more like the R.W. because she's stable. Then there's the tension between couples of he R.H. always feeling second place to his older twin when he taking the workload and the R.W. thinking R.H. finds the F.W. more attractive than her.Going back to the beginning, there's a big party for the twins and when the R.H. (hero) suggests to his wife she by herself something fancy but she brushes it off but she takes wear something fancy at the encouragement of a fellow friend and business partner. At the party, the R.W. looks like a dream, turning heads like the F.H. who asks her for a dance but she wants to dance with the R.H. who's sulking with a glass of alcohol because the dress was nicer than the one he got for her and he feels like a useless husband. He feels even worse when he sees the two of them dancing. The F.H. tells the heroine that he gave her up all those years ago because his brother was in love with her then he walks off, having a pity party in his head then has a heart attack. The family finds out about the F.H. was embezzling money from their clients to fund the F.W. spending habits. So the whole family's image and financial situation is in danger and when the F.H. wakes up, he runs away from the family. Then we see where the R.H.'s son gets his power-hungry poor attitude and behavior from the head of the family who was so focused on leaving a huge legacy in the law world because his stepbrother got to be a judge and he's so jealous of him and disgusted by the lack of prestige his position has. Man, you are so blind, you don't even see how unhappy your family is because you are blinded by ambition and obsession to be better when you can just be happy. The F.H.'s daughter is having trouble because she left her man to help the family out. The R. H. wants some time alone from the R.W. but then the F.W. helps him realize that more than anything in the world of what he wanted was really the R.W.'s love when he tries to seduce her. The heroine is also helped in bringing out her emotions of love and anger by her business partner when she smashes a vase right in front of the R.H. who came to see her. The R.H apologizes and tells the R.W how much he loves her and she replies that she is in love with him too but she thought that he didn't love her at all. Luckily, the head of the family's sister comes forward to pay off the large debt and the American comes back to the F.H.'s daughter because he can't imagine a life without her. Then we end it with two weddings and an old couple starting anew. OH BOY!! Was that long and complicated or what!!

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too many cooks 4  4

There were so many characters being introduced, I had to go back a few times to understand who was related to whom and how. Old flames and mostly concentrating on family dynamics. Both positive and a lot of negatives. Older generation has a love square between twin brothers and their wives, their kids are a little better but I felt like it needed more pages, or less characters to be introduced in one book. I really wanted to get to know each of them better. It touched on all of them but made it feel rushed. I liked it, but I'm not sure if I could handle more family drama from these people.

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