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Following her father’s death, Lucy is forced to leave the manor that had been her home for so long. There’s no money left to maintain the house, and Lucy now has to look after her stepmother and stepsiblings, as well. The manor will go to her cousin, Saul. He and Lucy met twelve years ago when she childishly bullied him due to her circumstances, and she has regretted it ever since. When they reunite, Lucy finds that Saul has turned into a gorgeous man and her heart is swayed. But the tension between them won’t go away, and Lucy is bothered by his coldness…

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Too close for comfort 2  2

SPOILERS INCLUDED: The couple got off on a rocky start, and it might have been better if it stayed that way. The hero is the heroine's aunt's son. Yep, her father had a sister and that sister had a son. That close. There is no mention of second marriages with kids in tow. It seems pretty cut and dried. The two got off to a rough start early on when her 16 year old cousin from America (the hero) was sent to stay with his uncle for the summer while his parents went through a divorce. While he was there a friend of the heroine's decided he really didn't like the visiting Colonial upstart and decided to make the young hero's stay in the UK as miserable as possible, and the heroine (who was 12 at the time), being a bit of a wreck from having just lost her mother (and somehow this didn't get mentioned the WHOLE summer?), just clung to and followed the lead of her friend. And yet, somehow, unbeknownst to them, our two protagonist still managed to fall in love anyway? Because you only hurt the one you love? Fast forward several years. Now her father is dead and inheritance falls along patriorical lines, so the daughter gets a cottage (and the helpess stepmother with her 2 kids) and the American cousin gets the title and lands. And when he shows up, its clear he hasn't forgotten her part in the bullying. I got irritated with the heroine here. She says she's regretted her part in it ever since, but when its clear the hero remembers quite well and she has a chance to put things right, she decides to pretend she can't remember and hopes it will slide into the past. From there its the hero making all kinds of assumption, gradually getting them corrected, the two getting closer, a request by the old friend to pull one over on the hero, a misunderstanding that is quickly corrected (refreshingly quickly), a little unnecessary BBV ( Bed Before Vows), and somewhere in there she actually did apologize (and it was a good one, starting to make excuses, and then owning up to her behaviour) all wrapped up in an appropriately happy ending. It really wasn't a bad story, and if he'd been a step child or adopted or something, I might have thought about rating it higher, but it still would have lost a star for BBV, so it ends up being about the same. In the end, I'm glad it was a monthly selection I won't be keeping.

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no no to cousins love story 2  2

Story is not that good, also the main couple is cousins, first cousins, which is a no no for me.

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