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It’s the day of her wedding, and Annie is full of nervous excitement. She’s been left at the altar twice before, and everyone in town calls her the bride who can’t get married. She has to get married this time! As she’s shaking off her nerves, she spots the groom outside her dressing room, which puts her mind at ease. Until he tells her he’s the groom’s twin brother and that her intended has disappeared! Faced with yet another failed wedding, Annie stares at the man in front of her, dumbfounded. Then she realizes no one would be the wiser if she married this brother instead!

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fourth time's the charm 4  4

The heroine is on her third wedding and her last legs not just because of the first two men who left her at the altar but the whispers and gossips of people pitying her and talking about how she can't keep a men. The hero is no different because he's the beaten and shot messenger who has had to tell every woman that his brother proposed to and one the day of the wedding, leaves them at the altar that the wedding is cancelled. Sadly, the hero gets the tears and punches, so he prepares himself for the worst. He's actually shocked when the heroine laughs her head off and tells him her sad string of men jilting her on her wedding day. She's unable to go through another jilted wedding and asks the hero to go through the ceremony with her just for the appearance then she can go away and not come back to the thing gossiping town. The heroine realizes that she never loved the hero's brother, she only wanted to leave the town but their separation is delayed when nosy people go to see them off at the airport. So, the heroine goes with the hero to New York and the hero's neighbors who saw the heroine's wedding dress come to offer their congratulations to the new couple. However, guess who pops at the door but the jilting groom. Frankly, I was surprised the NYPD wasn't called to clean up the murder scene or the jilter doesn't have a bride and this is after he tells the heroine to stop eating or she'll get fat. YOU DON'T GET TO SAY JACK!!!! You left this girl at the altar and it's the third one, which means you need help because you have developed a pattern of jilting brides. The jilter tries to apologize and get back on the heroine's good side but can't because she won't let him. The hero shows his brother out the door and scolds him for his ill treatment to the heroine and what a wonderful girl she is. Then the brother has the audacity to ask the hero to help him get back together with the heroine and I was ready to call the state hospital to notify them of a new patient coming who was suffering from severe delusions. Yet, the hero agrees and I want to add another name to the patient list who mental reasoning is lost. Now, it's obvious the hero and heroine are attracted to each other but the hero is too busy trying to help the heroine and brother get back together and the heroine is batting the brother away. She can see that the hero is better because he listened to the things she talked about and asked what SHE wanted to do. So, the heroine finally lays it down to the brother that they are over and he agrees to it. He leaves the hero and heroine alone and they live together until the heroine can get a license, a job, and a lease on an apartment. Although, neither are so quick to part from each other. It goes well till a blast from the hero's past pops up and puts a kink in their relationship. It takes a confrontation from the OW for the hero and heroine to confront their feelings on how they feel for each other. The heroine gets it quickly but the hero is a slower. By the time he realizes it, the heroine is back in her little town. The heroine is already tired from dealing with the gossiping Gabbys and pitying Pattys. When the hero gets there he reveals his reason for being against marriage and probably the brother's jilt jumping was because their father abused their mother and it scared him of marrying a woman and turning out like his father. The hero tells the heroine that he loves her and wants to be with her. The heroine hesitates for a moment till he starts to walk away she runs after him claiming she loves him. It's a very good story and ending.

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