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Noelle used to be a genius pianist as a child, but now that she’s an adult, people don’t remember her anymore. To make matters worse, her mother, who treated her like a cash cow, has run away with all Noelle’s earnings. So when hotel tycoon Ethan Grey proposes that they get engaged and seek revenge on her mother, Noelle agrees to be his partner in crime. Soon she finds herself attracted to him, though, and what she doesn’t know is that he has his own motivations for seeking vengeance…

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revenge for stolen childhoods 3.5 4  4

The heroine was once a piano prodigy but after stagnant period and her mother throwing her away and stealing all the money she earned from the many concerts that robbed her of her childhood. The whole thing has made her stop playing the piano. She now lives in a crumbling mansion and then in walks the hero who lies that he's here to purchase the heroine's mansion and a proposition for the heroine to get revenge on her mother when it's really for his own personal revenge because her mother had an affair with his philandering father. He still wants revenge even after hearing about how the heroine's mother stole and abandoned the daughter. His plan: get engaged to him because his father left the family to run away with his mistress. The whole family put their expectations of running the business on the hero and while the hero did a great job, the grandfather thought he wasn't ready due to being single and still young. Not too long, his father shows up again without the mistress like nothing ever happened, so the hero doesn't want the man who abandoned him and his mother who suffered and died a miserable death to get a single thing from the company. The heroine agrees and they act the happy couple. It's then revealed the mistress was the heroine's mother and the hero was told by his mother to get revenge on them both. Now, they meet the hero's grandparents who one is overjoyed and the other is suspicious. When the hero and grandfather are alone, the grandfather says that he knows the heroine's background, he'll hand the reins of the family's empire to him, and the only thing he wants for the hero is to be happy. The hero asks him what is happiness, which the grandfather responds that it was something he hasn't taught him yet. Well, shoot you idiot! You should have taught from when he was a kid, so he could learn to figure it out for himself. The heroine opens up to the heroine about her fears of having nothing but the piano in her life and is afraid of disappearing if it disappears from her.The hero encourages her to think of things she wanted to do but was never allowed to do because of her mother. The audience and hero learns of how controlling and manipulative the mother was over the heroine. We also see the hero's father scheming when he sees that the heroine is the hero's fiancee. The hero and heroine go to a party where the heroine musters all her strength to play the song from the piano that pierces everyone. The hero is affected by the power within the music that he realizes the cruelty he is doing to the heroine by using her when she has suffered like him. They hold each other garden of roses but one thorn has wedged himself under the skin. The hero's father pops up and reveals the hero's plan for revenge and it was never a partner deal but he was using the heroine as a tool to get revenge on her mother. The heroine is heartbroken over being used yet again and runs away from the hero. Two weeks later, the heroine is a barrista when the hero finds her again. The hero states that he found the mother who's living a happy married life with a family. The heroine lets her anger go and doesn't ever want to see the mother again. The two realize they are the same with parents who have hurt them and stolen their childhoods of happy things and filled it with sad memories. The hero tells the heroine that he gave up everything he fought for and it will be worth it if she can forgive him. The heroine does and they have a happy ending.

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