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Helena swears an oath of eternal love in front of the priest, as does her groom, Flynn, but these are sinful vows. This is a fake wedding. Helena’s sister was supposed to marry Flynn, but she ran away with her first love right before the ceremony. Helena wants to help the her sister’s shunned groom, who is to be the next CEO of a big corporation, save face. But more than anything, she wants to get her childhood crush out of trouble... Sweet Helena has yet to learn about the humiliating contract behind the wedding and the inevitable disclosure of her secret from the past.

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it was okay. 2  2

The hero and heroine don't have the best of beginnings because on the wedding day, the hero is supposed to marry the heroine's sister but she elopes with the hero's brother and now the heroine is the back up who's ill treated by her family because she got pregnant (not because she wanted too, she was DRUG-RAPED!!!!) and gave her baby up for adoption. So, the two crummy father are making this marriage out to be a business arrangement putting the poor her in the middle of it but leaving the heroine entirely out of it. They make her sound like a cow, like getting her pregnant and making her sign a business deal crud. The heroine isn't the only one ill-treated by family, the hero was adopted and after the brother was born, the hero was told by his adopted father was he was nothing more than a back up. The hero doesn't want to trap the heroine and plans to divorce her when everyone forgets their marriage because he thinks it's what the heroine wants but she has had a crush on the hero since forever but she believes that he's in love with the sister. Their first night goes bad because he brings up the contract and he keeps mentioning when things start to look up in their relationship. It's the same thing when the hero brings up the contract for the final time and learns about the heroine having a child. He blows the top because he views her as a woman who would abandon her child like how he viewed the birth mother he never met and he cuts off any communication from the heroine. The heroine's father gets a heart attack and the hero's adopted mother reveals her affair that was already known to everyone with the heroine's father. After talking with the adopted father, wonders about love but he can't marry woman who can't love her child. The heroine is encouraged by her in-law and sister to confront the hero on the gory details of her past. She finds the contracts and rewrites what the manifesto of a marriage should be. When she sees the hero, she tells him what really happened with being drug raped by her boyfriend and his friend and while, she wanted to love her daughter but couldn't because whenever she looked at her daughter, she was reminded of that night. She couldn't to that to her little girl, she gave her up for adoption to some very good people. The heroine gives him the manifesto then leaves for him to read it alone. After a week, the heroine goes to a party where the hero gives a big speech and shows the manifesto. He says that the heroine is the woman that he wants to create a life with then he hugs her and apologizes for his stupidity. He tells that the time spent apart was him convincing his life that their marriage should be one without a contract. The ending ends with the heroine and the hero walking into sun with a child.

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