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Ella is shocked to find out that her older brother has borrowed a huge amount of money from Zarif. Who’s Zarif? He’s the king of the desert country Vashir and someone who just happened to propose to Ella three years earlier. Ella loved him, but after realizing that he just wanted a physical relationship to create an heir, she turned him down. After her father’s business received a bankruptcy notice, Ella’s mother collapsed. Feeling disgraced and humiliated, Ella goes back to Zarif for help, but he has one condition…a limited-time love affair! In order to preserve the king’s image, the two pretend to be married for a year. Is this Zarif’s revenge for her rejecting his proposal?

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3.5 they weren't ready for marriage 4  4

When I first read the book, I noted how the author and illustrator pulled up the hidden theme on marriage: of when the individual is ready. By ready, I mean understanding the concept of marriage or at least being mature about it. Usually, I like to go as the book flows but I'm going to do this chronologically. In the beginning, the hero enters a marriage of convenience with his childhood friend. However, their marriage was half playing house and half following what the grownups told them because they were just 17 and 15. The hero didn't understand this concept of love in marriage nor could even view the son that the friend gave birth as his own, only a somebody's problem. Then tragedy strikes when the wife and son died in a car accident and the hero displays extreme regret for taking the friend as his wife. It's because if she didn't marry him then she would have lived. The regret strains his brain so much that his council sends him abroad to school. By then, he's only 19 year old kid. He comes with a friend and meets the sister who turns out to be the heroine. The hero instantly becomes smitten by her for personality and all. He wants to marry her but decides to wait till he graduates college and she's older. I admired the hero for his decision to be patient but I knew he wasn't ready nor understood marriage. The reason why is after he reaches the end of the waiting period, confesses his wish to date, and marry the heroine later. We find out that he never opened up about his first wife, as much as it's not something popular but it's necessary because it helps the heroine know the hero's life and what to expect. The heroine was responsible too because she knew from dating and such that he had a previous wife but she never brought it up like, "what happened to your first wife?". She's too busy jumping over the moon that the guy she had a crush on wants to date and marry her. So, she's unprepared for the bedroom scene and finding so many pictures of the wife and son. Now, she has no idea about the history nor the hero's feelings through that time. If this had been brought up, then it probably would have been easier for her to understand why the hero said, "I already had one wife....can't forget won't be my only wife." This is after she questions on the wife status. The hero's heart was in the right place but his words in poorly selected. It's because now the heroine thinks she'll be 2nd to first wife. She rejects his proposal and says some rude things to the hero about his country. The hero takes her insults hard and they separate. The summary from above was just off a bit about the hero only wanting the heroine to get heirs. They only reunite three years later when the heroine is pressured by her brother to see the hero to support their financial troubles caused by her greedy brother himself. The hero only agrees to give his financial support if the heroine gives her body. She agrees and they go under a marriage in order not to infuriate people. However, he does make it clear that when he tires of her then he'll divorce her. This little reunion lays the groundwork for the two to open up about their past feelings like the heroine learning the hero's first marriage wasn't a happy on and the hero learning the heroine was a virgin till he came along. I like seeing both the hero and heroine's thoughts and feelings. As they reconnect, the heroine sees herself more in love with the hero than before but it causes her anxiety from the divorce looming over her head. Things only escalate with the discovery of the heroine's pregnancy. The hero accuses her of getting pregnant for more money, which only breaks out into a fight. It only ends when the hero leaves. he realizes in going over his joy for the heroine being pregnant with his child that he hasn't said the right words to her. He goes after her but she's already made a break for it. Luckily, he catches her and quickly takes her to a remote location. It's there that he shows his feelings for her. This helps them talk about the past and clear everything up as well as having them confess their love for each other. This is the conversation that I was waiting for them, which would show they were ready for marriage. They commit to having a proper marriage and we fast forward five years. We see them still happily married with two boys. It was a nice ending and I like the little topic brought up.

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