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Coco, who’s all alone with no family since her mother died, has taken a job as a babysitter. The baby’s single father is Benjamin, and he owns a ranch. As she begins to glimpse the sweet nature hidden under his built body, Coco starts to fall for Benjamin. Then one day, two men visit Coco to deliver what seems like impossible news—she is, apparently, a princess of Chantaine. While having a hard time believing it, Coco is curious to meet her family… Seeing her indecision, Benjamin offers to accompany her as her fake fiancé.

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Being a support and shield. 4  4

The heroine is a nanny and a teacher to the hero who's recently become a father of a newborn baby girl but he has no idea how to take care of her nor can he get help from the selfish mother who died in a car accident not too long ago. The heroine helps the hero in developing a bond with his little girl and when things start looking up, it's the hero's turn to support the heroine. Apparently, two men from a foreign country come to give her the news that she's the product of a love affair between her recently deceased mother and foreign king. Now, she doesn't believe it at first because her mother never told or anything but the hero is there to help with getting the answers. They say that it's out of concern for their country that no more scandals reappear and that the heroine's other half siblings would like to meet her. The heroine is overjoyed by the fact she has a family. However, she decides not to go because the hero and the little girl need her. The two share a passionate kiss but an awkward after moment shakes their relationship a bit. The hero then encourages the heroine to go to the country with the offer of coming with her as her support and shield. This give the heroine a chance to go and boy does she need the hero's support because when she arrives at the foreign country, all she's given is cold responses and glares. She comes back in tears to the hero who lends her a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen. Once, she's dried her tears, he hands her the little girl as way to distract the heroine as he makes his way to the current King to give him a piece of his mind. I was just happy as can be with our cowboy hero acting as a shining knight in armor. He calls the King out on his poor behavior and he's not the only Texan who scolds the King for his bad behavior because his wife does the same as well. The hero reflects over his actions and realizes that he's fallen for the heroine but is afraid to propose or anything because of how it went for his daughter's mother. The next day fares better for the heroine who gets a warm wake up call from the King's wife who invites her to a gala. She goes with the hero and receives some real heartfelt apologies from her half sisters for their poor behavior to the heroine earlier. The fact being they are actually excited to have another sister. She has a wonderful and enchanting night with the hero. However, the heroine overhears people speculating about her with all the nasty rumors and decides to leave in order not to cause trouble for the family. It's also the night where the hero and heroine go all the way. Sadly, trouble in the name of the paparazzi comes calling but she does drive them off for a bit. Then the baby girl calls the heroine Mama and she can't bear to be called Mama when she can't be the baby girl's mama. So, she leaves the and the hero finds her gone but he goes after her. He tells the heroine that he loves her and asks her to marry him. The heroine happily agrees to his proposal. A month later, she gets a letter from the King's wife over how the family feels for her and invites her and her family to the country for a wedding or a honeymoon. Touched by the letter, the heroine decides to give her half siblings a chance and even has her wedding there. It's a real happy ending for them all.

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