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Harriet sighs. It’s been a month since she totaled someone’s luxury car in a collision. She never imagined that the car’s owner, Damien Wyatt, would be offering her a job… For an art appraiser like Harriet, who loves antiques more than anything else, a job cataloging the prestigious Wyatt family’s art collection is too attractive to pass up. But how in the world can she see him after what happened? Soon she’ll have more questions, too, like why he stole a kiss from her at her job interview.

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4.5 a clumsy but cute romance 5  5

It was all quite cute with the hero and heroine’s developing romance. The first meeting between our two protagonists goes off with a bang. And when I mean bang, I mean the heroine crashed her car into the hero’s limited-edition car. The hero is seriously ticked but like the heroine. I would choose hitting a car over an animal. The irony of it all is that the heroine is the antique dealer that he’s been personally recommended to hire. They have a bit of a tiff that leads to quite a heavy kiss till the hero’s brother interrupts. The heroine slaps the hero and he hires her. The heroine can’t say no because she desperately needs the money to pay for her brother’s rehabilitation. The next day, the hero asks if she’s interested in a no strings attached relationship but she refuses on the idea of going to bed with a man she’s not serious with. I did like the hero didn’t push further and that was it. A month passes by but the heroine can’t get the hero out of her head. During this time, she grows close with his aunt and brother. The brother gives her the first set of information about the hero’s bad marriage with the ex was when she tried to sell his parents’ antique treasures(right after they died) and how he sacrificed his dreams to give the brother his dreams. The hero and heroine take walks and she reveals her once bitten tragedy: during her father’s illness, she became emotionally dependent on her boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend. Now, the heroine has moved on but it’s still a bitter experience for her. Afterwards, he hires her for another job so she can stay close to her brother. Then he finds out the ex and best friend have divorced. This is when he starts wondering if the heroine will go back to the guy. When a party comes around, the brother plays matchmaker with the hero and heroine. Yet, nothing happens. Then the real emotional rollercoaster comes when the heroine becomes the hero’s support upon learning of his brother’s plane accident. His aunt reveals how the ex-wife was an adulteress but it was revealed after they had a child. He found out via hospital that his son wasn’t his but he still loved the little boy. So, he set up a trust fund for the little boy and had the brother be his go-between. It was during this period, the brother was the hero’s emotional support in the turmoil. The heroine tries to calm and comfort him with food but the hero gets an different appetite. They go at it but the hero leaves with an I’m sorry. His words really hurt the heroine who doesn’t believe the hero’s marriage proposal or his “I love you” afterwards. Then he assumes her rejection is because she wants to get back together with the ex. He tells her about the divorce but she had no idea about it. This puts their relationship on edge and the heroine tries to leave without notice. Thankfully, her bad driving skills land her back at his place. It gives them an opportunity to have the sit-down talk. They open up their hearts to each other with confession of love. It was really sweet with their confessions. It’s a real cute and clumsy ending and I do recommend renting it.

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