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Ava grew up in a poor family in London before marrying Cesare, an Italian millionaire. Despite their totally different upbringings, the two fell in love at first sight. When Ava got pregnant, they decided it was time to get married, and Ava put her career on hold. The two of them should be living in conjugal bliss, but their marriage has been rocky from the start—Cesare spends too little time with his family and buries himself at work, treating Ava coldly when she tries to talk to him about it. Ava, convinced that he doesn’t love her anymore, knows they need some time apart. And yet, when they meet again after some time has passed, a sad-looking Cesare gazes at her with hungry eyes and tries to kiss her. Is it really love…or only lust?

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3.5 to break free 4  4

The hero and heroine were only married because the heroine fell pregnant but the two of them had a lot of baggage brought into the marriage that they kept from each other because they never opened up. So, for years they're marriage was on rocks and the hero barely visited the heroine and his little girl. That is until an earthquake gave them the heart attack of their lives with the little girl being trapped under debris. Now, the hero wants to spend as much time with the little girl as possible. And the to keep the little girl happy is to keep the heroine at his side, neglecting her happiness because after the earthquake, she has decided that she wants a divorce from the hero. The hero tells the heroine straight off that their marriage was a mistake and they should be separate but stay married for the child's sake. The heroine is not just terribly hurt but broken from the hero's statements. Now, the hero is a complex person because he's pushing the heroine away but he admits that he wants her badly (physically) but he can't commit himself because of the issues from his life. The hero blames himself for ruining his brother's life (not his fault) and not being able to save the brother's lover (lover left brother for reasons explained later.). It turns out that the hero's brother was suffering from a mental illness that nobody new about till later but this illness caused him to lash out at a lot of people including the hero and his lover who left him when she was pregnant with their child. The hero tried to convince the woman to go back but she wouldn't and she ended up dead from the cold winter on a park bench. The brother blamed the hero for his beloved's death and slowly deteriorated in body and mind. This is what the hero feared, being powerless and unable to protect the ones he loves and the mental illness can be hereditary if both parents carry it. So, he bears it all on his own without asking support from his parents friends, or even the heroine. Now, he worries about the little girl getting the same disease as the brother but he doesn't tell the heroine this. Not until she forces the hero to say what's going on because she saw the heroine with OW and thought the hero was having an affair with (who could blame her with his cold treatment and all). The feeling of being isolated and ignored is something the heroine is having a hard time dealing with because it's how she was treated at home by her father and brothers. It escalated after her mom died of them being hard on her, ignoring her, and more. She couldn't take that kind of lifestyle. She even gets angry at the hero for keeping the information that could hurt their daughter from her and he explains that he did it to protect her but she scolds him with reason that if the little girl did developed and something happened then the heroine wouldn't know what to do save her because she didn't know what could be wrong with her. The whole argument, (I'm on the heroine's side) ends with the hero admitting defeat and telling the heroine that they'll divorce for her. Yet, it takes attending the wedding for the hero to see the heroine in her environment as a professional photographer that he married her because he wanted her. However, he can see his wrong in giving her up because he now can't imagine a life without her. He pulls her in for a dance where he apologizes to her and asks for a second chance. He tries to pull her in for a kiss but she pulls away. Then two unbelievable things happen to her: she gets a call from her brother who she hasn't heard of in years (didn't invite anybody from her side to her wedding) and overhears the hero getting a vasectomy that he didn't tell her he was considering. It was the straw that broke the camel's back and the volcano that burst because the heroine lays it on him for making decision without telling her, acting like her father, etc. She tells him that she got a call from her brother that her father is sick and the hero tries every avenue to help her but she rejects him at every turn. When she returns home, she gets apologies from father and brother of their ill-treatment towards her. When the heroine is alone she looks at the 26 missed calls from the hero and the many text messages he sent her with him acknowledging how much he hurt the heroine, begging for a third chance, and he'll do what she wants even if it means divorcing him. The heroine decides to be with the hero and starts by setting up an appointment to get a hysterectomy, so the hero won't be so burdened. She calls him to tell him that morning and he rushes to stop her at the hospital before she goes into surgery. The hero comes in blazes begging the heroine to not go through with it and their hearts finally meet each other. They don't go through the surgery and start making a fresh start as a family. Very nice ending.

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