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Lizzie desperately wants a baby, but she doesn’t have a partner. When she decides to use artificial insemination, her friend Allie suggests that she use one of Allie’s three brothers as the donor. The truth is that Lizzie has had a crush on Allie’s brother Quentin for years…which is exactly why she doesn’t want to get him involved in this. Quentin isn’t interested, either, and stubbornly rejects Allie’s suggestion. Yet, for some reason, every time Lizzie finds another candidate father, Quentin butts in to voice his disapproval. Lizzie tries to tell Quentin not to worry about her choices and then, out of nowhere, he swoops in for a passionate kiss!

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go to a sperm bank or go the traditional way 4  4

The heroine tells her friend that because her biological clock is ticking down faster than the average woman that she's decide to go to a sperm bank but the friend offers up one of her three brothers to help the heroine in her predicament. The heroine is against it because it's her friend's brothers and all. Then one of the friend's brother who turns out to be the heroine comes in as the heroine says she's going to the sperm bank. The friend gives him the whole spiel about the heroine's situation and his answer: get married. The heroine counters his answer with the question of how and gives a pretty reasonable argument of how long it would take compared to going to a sperm bank. However, the other brothers can see from their conversation that the hero is attracted as well as possessive of the heroine. So, one of them decides to give him a psychological push in that direction with some help from the sister of course. It turns out to work because when the two are alone, the hero is one her for thinking of choosing his brother when his brother isn't father material. The argument is quickly quieted by a passionate kiss but the hero leaves in a haste after it happens. The hero goes to see the heroine with a deal on mind of having a marriage of convenience with them both getting the kids that they desire and he leaves her to think it over. The two go out to eat and talk some more about their conversation. Later on, the heroine is injured and stays at the hero's house but every time they try to get a together alone, someone is always there to interrupt them. Apparently, it's some sort of psychological warfare that the sister, the hero's housekeeper, his mother, and secretary are playing in order to get him going. Even his brothers are in on it!!!! I was laughing from this. The hero and heroine finally get some time to have a picnic and then a late night trip to the bedroom. However, their nightly activity ends on a sour note with the heroine saying that what happened shouldn't have happened. Their relationship hits a bump and they don't see each other till the hero hears from his sister that the heroine is pregnant. He goes to confront the heroine at work and she admits that it's his child. So, he says that the original agreement is still intact and that they should get married.Yet, the heroine rejects him. The heroine gets some sound advice from the sister and figures out that the hero wants to be her husband for her and not for children. So, the heroine cooks up an amazing meal and waits for him. When he arrives, he sees the heroine dressed up with a big meal and thinks she's waiting for someone else. She confesses that she's been waiting for the hero and wants to be with him for him. They confess their love and make a fresh start on their relationship. We fast forward a year later with the heroine and the hero being the new parents to a cute baby boy.

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