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Marcie is visiting a beautiful national park in hopes that the escape will help her recover from a terrifying ordeal she’s endured. But while she’s recuperating, there’s an accident. Why do these things keep happening to her? Despite her fear of men, Marcie accepts comfort through her sadness from John. He’s a well-regarded lawyer in the area, and he treats Marcie’s trauma with the kindness of a brother. But what’s the meaning behind his passionate gaze? Marcie’s heart begins racing as she realizes she’s attracted to John… But then a woman calling herself his fiancée suddenly shows up!

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I really liked it 5  5

I really liked reading this harlequin, the hero and heroine showed good character development. They first meet when a bull nearly rams into the heroine’s car as she’s driving to her vacation home. We get a quick look into the heroine’s past who is trying to get away from the invasive reporters after her short captivity. The hero becomes her friendly neighbor. He starts by gives her a backstory of their families: heroine’s mom was engaged to his dad but she eloped with the heroine’s dad a week before the wedding. He eases her anxiety of how the elopement was a good thing since it allowed his dad to meet his mom and he happened. The hero helps the heroine out by giving her a side of job as a cook since he can’t cook. Slowly, the hero gains her trust and helps her have a good time. She reveals about her parents’ death when she was young but she was adopted by her neighbors who loved her like she was their own. The heroine has no idea the hero does know her true identity and helps her overcome her trauma. Now, both of them are try to hold back their attraction for each other. I found it really cute with how the illustrator created the hero’s mental struggle of resisting the heroine. Unfortunately, the next day, his bratty cousin comes in. The woman throws her weight around and lacks a thing called manners, despite coming from a prominent family. She brags about going to law school and lies about being the hero’s fiancée. Unfortunately, the heroine believes the woman because the hero didn’t give in to her. I did like her come back to the cousin with how she can cook the food now. The new arrangement causes tension between our two characters since the heroine doesn’t bring up the fiancée issue till much later. Then she goes out in an inflatable raft but it starts sinking. The poor woman nearly drowns and nearly dies from hypothermia till the hero rescues her. He brings her back to his place where the cousin hurls more accusations in front of both hero and grandfather. Right then, the hero has had it with his cousin and accuses her of sabotaging the heroine’s raft. The woman actually shocked me with her stupidity because even with all her bragging about going to law school, she never watched a tv show that had law in it. Big rule in crime: never leave behind evidence. The hero shows the raft with the cousin’s brooch in between the plastic folds, lying next to the puncture holes. I loved how he wailed on the woman. He gives it to her straight about how the heroine could have died from drowning or hypothermia but she still tried to stop the hero from searching for the her. Even the grandpa asks the heroine if she’ll arrest his grandkid for attempted murder. His scolding really scares the spoiled brat; he reveals if the heroine had died then she would have been a murder suspect. That really shook the woman and they make her apologize before sending her away to figure out a proper punishment. The heroine agrees not to press charges at the request of the grandfather. Finally, the hero and heroine are alone where the truth comes to light like the cousin’s lie. He confesses his love for her and she says yes. Then we end it on their wedding page. It was really a happy ending.

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