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With Leo, her handsome Italian businessman, and two adorable children, Brooke’s marriage seems picture-perfect. Then she overhears a shocking conversation between her in-laws. It seems that Leo was once engaged to Francheska, who was stolen away from him by his elder brother. Brooke can’t believe it, yet she’s sure her husband is still in love with his brother’s wife. When his brother passed away, Leo rushed to Francheska’s house to comfort her. How long can Brooke continue to turn a blind eye?

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it was smack dab center 5  5

I really loved how this story was played out with marriage in the middle rather than the beginning, to show there's more learning on building a marriage during a marriage then you realize. We have the hero and heroine who have that whirlwind romance that ends in a shotgun marriage. However, they are as happy as they can be for the next five years. Then things get hard when the hero's brother's dies in an accident. The heroine and hero are nothing but supportive; yet the heroine overhears her in-laws revealing the hero and his sister-in-law were an item before the older brother stole her. Plus, with his brother dead, the hero might go for the sister-in-law because he might still love her This causes the heroine to be concerned and she goes over to the sister-in-law's house where she finds the hero's car. She flies into a panic and has a bit of a hot and cold attitude with him but one session with her hate-men-mother bashing the hero has her not only defending him but realizing that she has no evidence to prove it. She decides to be upfront with revealing the knowing the engaged part. He answers honestly that he felt the sister-in-law didn't love him and he called it off. He asks for the heroine to believe him because he loves her. She decides to believe him because he loves her too. Everything goes well till the hero is called back to Italy because the sister-in-law tried to commit suicide. The heroine can sense something is amiss and begs the hero to tell her but he only asks her to trust him. She tries to but then she gets his phone bill, which shows the large amount of calls between him and the sister-in-law, especially on their anniversary. She decides to take action and confront the two. When she reaches the sister-in-law's house, she finds them in the bedroom (both are clothed) and chaos descends. She accuses them of infidelity and won't listen to the hero's pleas. She even slaps him and turns to walk away till her sister-in-law begs her to stay and will reveal the truth. The sister-in-law reveals her dark past from when she was a child till now: it's was so sad. The poor woman was raped repeatedly as a child by her own father after her mother died. The man didn't just stop there but passed her to all his sleazy business associates like the hero's older brother. When he died, the woman thought she was free and met the hero who was the first decent man she ever met. Sadly, she met the brother who recognized her and blackmailed her into marrying him. Then he just repeated the cycle like the father. Now, he's dead and she wants to be free but she's so broken on the inside that she doesn't know how to heal. The heroine believes her and comforts that she can heal with time and help. Once the hero and heroine are alone, they ask each other for their forgiveness. I loved that scene so much because they realize the mistakes were made. It was a confusing and frightening time for the heroine. I also get that the hero was between a rock and a hard place what with finding out the day of his brother's funeral that his own brother was a rapist, domestic abuser, and low down cretin then spending two weeks wanting to tell the heroine but honoring his promise to keep the sister-in-law's secret a secret. They make a commitment to withhold no secrets from each other. We fast forward five years where the heroine is showcasing her fashion designs and her bond with the hero is stronger than ever. Now, I was curious about the sister-in-law's fact and I checked on the original book's review. Great news: she finds an amazing man who treats her like a queen. All in all, I loved the story.

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