Historical Romance THE WILDER WEDDING 2

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After she learns that she’s dying, heiress Laura decides to marry Sean, a private detective, and strike out on at least one great adventure before her time is up. They take a trip to Paris together, where Laura acts as Sean’s assistant. Laura wants to live the rest of her life without regrets, so one night, she and Sean get carried away in the heat of passion! She starts to fall in love with him and everything changes… But now one of Sean’s cases may threaten Laura’s safety and, to top it all off, Laura’s doctor tells her that she’s pregnant! When Sean finds out, he treats her coldly and tells her that she tricked him! What is she to do?

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a fun read 5  5

This is the second part of the series and I enjoyed immensely even though the hero had turned into a idiot for half of the book. I didn't say this in the first part but the cliffhanger was the heroine discovering from the doctor that she's expecting. Now, the hero believes that's the reason why she married him, to trap him in a marriage with another man's child. His reason is because he grew up in a brothel where women used every trick and trap to get a man tied to them. A part of me understands why he would be mistrustful, considering the female figures in his life weren't showing him good choices. Now, because of this revelation, the hero has turned cold to the heroine. While, I understand his fear and mistrust, I don't understand how he could miss that the heroine had given her flower to him. Then the hero reveals that the heroine's story about a disease caught from a fly was impossible unless you were a horse and the pieces for the heroine fall together. It was the heroine's horse they were talking about, not the heroine herself. I liked reading them fight over the matter because they were both being adults and they brought up good points. I liked the interactions between the hero and his witty friend, the doctor. I also liked how the doctor played mediator in the couple's relationship, it made it nice to have another character's opinion in the story. The plot goes further with the heroine getting attacked and defending herself to the hero discovering the decomposing body of his former fiancee (Luckily, there's not a scene showing it.) Then the heroine is targeted herself and it the situation becomes dire at the mystery antagonist targets the heroine himself. I won't reveal who's the culprit because it's no fun to find out in a summary of a review. However, I will say we get a final confrontation and a great ending. This is definitely a book worth renting or buying, which one you choose.

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