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Kate is an international model, and she’s agreed to auction off a kiss for charity. The price keeps going up, and the final bid is…eighty thousand dollars! The bidder is venture capital giant Tiarnan Quinn, an old friend of Kate’s and her first love. Ten years ago, she told him how she felt about him, and his rejection was cold and humiliating. He’s just as intense and haughty as ever, but overflowing with the kind of charm that instantly captivates women. He invites Kate to go to an island in the Caribbean with him… What is he doing? Kate knows it’s risky to go along with his ploy, but she wants to get some closure for her youthful heartbreak, so she decides to go along with it.

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3.5 his intentions weren't so pure 4  4

It's the same reunion of after at least ten years or so when the heroine was a teenager and stole a kiss from the hero who had just gotten engaged. I don't blame him for being angry at the time because if such a situation had happen to me, I would be upset at the one who kissed me. Now, after ten years, the two of them are reunited in a kissing auction ( The hero paid 80,000 for a kiss from the heroine). The heroine wants nothing to do with the hero but the hero needs her help with his daughter due to his recent divorce from his witchy & horrible ex-wife. The daughter is in a rebellious stage and it's not mentioned till later that she found out she's not really the hero's daughter, which hurts her terribly and the fact that her mother wants nothing to do with her. These things have made her call the hero by his name rather than dad and want nothing to do with him. Luckily, an accident with the nanny gives the perfect opportunity for the heroine to go and care for the little girl as they head off into the tropics. I did like reading the good relationship the heroine and the daughter have with swimsuits and talking out their feelings; something that poor girl needed. The hero also wants the heroine to go on their vacation to figure out their feelings, (Translation: he wants to have intercourse with her otherwise as he quoted, "be consumed by lust unless I make her mine"). The heroine is no idiot because she can see right through him and want he wants to do. However, with the heroine being kind to him and helping deal with his daughter, he struggles in his feelings towards the heroine. Even after intercourse, his lust is not sated but inflamed for the heroine. During their stay there, the heroine is able to clear things with the little girl on her parents' divorce and she starts to call the hero dad again to his face. However, when the daughter tells the hero of their conversation, he takes it the wrong way. He thinks the heroine is using the daughter in order to get him to marry her. Unfortunately, his reasoning is proven wrong when he sees the heroine jump right into the water to save his daughter but does nothing to stop her. Now, here is the miscalculation of math and I checked. We fast forward 6 weeks where the heroine discovers she's three months pregnant. I want the audience to know how can the heroine be three months pregnant when the last time she had six was give or take 6-7 weeks, that's 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 since she had intercourse. So, because of their last meeting ended on a sour note, the heroine makes a decision to raise the baby alone but fate would have the heroine bumping into the hero. She runs away from him, who runs after her (leaving his date in the dust), and don't stop till they're at her apartment. The hero confesses that he's love in with the heroine but she doesn't believe him. This leads him to explain his thoughts, feelings, and actions from ten years ago to 2 months ago ( when they reunited). The heroine touched, reveals her true reveals. They reconcile with a wedding and a 3 year skip to where the heroine and the daughter are modeling together and they are a happy family of five (it's twins, that explains the 3 month idea). I did enjoy this one.

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