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An unexpected marriage proposal from the professor Trixie adored left her, an apprentice nurse, completely astonished. She knows she isn’t the most beautiful girl or the most talented, so what has drawn him to her? Ever since Trixie lost her parents in an accident when she was a child, she has been treated like a servant by the aunt and uncle who took her in. Her love of the professor was the only light that shone upon her misfortune, and the chance of becoming his wife makes her happy, but can she trust that he truly loves her as she wants him to?

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editor's comment - June 8th, 2018

Despite her unhappy childhood, heroine grown up to be a lady with class. They are pretty alike in character, calm and composed. A moden cinderella story with a bit of comical touch.

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he wanted convention but that changed 3  3

The heroine is the usual dormouse heroine who suffers under her relatives thumbs of being useless and everything. Yet, she's a Betty Neel's heroine and she allows it to happen to her with the constant and long outdated excuses. The same goes for work with some superior nurses who don't like it that the heroine is on such good terms with the patients. Then she meets the hero and their interactions have been okay. It seems going well but after a month, he offers her the secretary's position under the guise of "wife". He reveals all these distractions that keep him from writing a new book and he needs someone to keep them away. It takes the heroine a week to say yes but in all that while, she never saw the similarities of wife = secretary, nor realized she wouldn't get paid. She goes along with it and they have a small wedding; I wasn't big on the whole thing but there were a couple of things I liked. One was when the hero defending the heroine from the aunt's barbs. Then the heroine's friends throwing her a makeshift bachelorette party. They meet the hero's family and the only one who gives the heroine the creeps is the cousin. She doesn't say anything of course because she doesn't have that trust in their relationship, not to mention that she doesn't want to make any problems for the hero. The cousin starts coming around, much to the heroine's chargin. During this time, the hero finds himself wanting the heroine to be yearning for his presence and starts going back on his words. Later, they head back to the heroine's family and her behavior is shown as excellent compared to her clingy cousin. Unfortunately, the cousin keeps sending flowers with fake messages and it leads the hero to wonder if the heroine is cheating on him. We see his desires like sending her flowers but he never acts upon them. Then he sees the cousin's car in front of his house and thinks they're together when the heroine is really with the housekeeper the whole time. We have the cold conversation with the hero stating when the book is finished then she's free. The heroine doesn't want that but she's not pushing for it. Finally, it takes a scary situation for the two to actually reveal their feelings for each other. They have a happy ending but I wasn't much into it.

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Good story, disappointing ending 4  4

Up until the last 10 pages, I thought this was very well told. But how it was resolved felt rushed and scenes were missing. I might have felt differently if I read the novel first. This is really more like 3.5

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