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Ellie, who has secretly had feelings for her boss, Aidan, for years asks for some time off so she can get artificially inseminated. She dreamed of love and marriage after seeing her parents’ unhappy life together. But after realizing that she’ll never love anyone more than Aidan, she decides to give up on her one-sided love and start a new life as a mother. When she tells Aidan about her plans, however, he offers to help her conceive…the traditional way. Why on earth would he say that? Does he just want to ensure she stays on the island for the sake of his company? Or could there be a hidden reason behind his actions?

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You can try to deny it 4  4

The heroine has planned to be artificially inseminated right when the hero needs her because his partner (twin brother) is taking vacation time for his honeymoon, his secretary quit to get married, his father is getting married, and basically he's left to do the work. Now, his secretary, the heroine wants three weeks off to be artificially inseminated with a sperm. At first, the hero is against it because he likes the traditional way of making babies (Of course, you do *sarcasm*) The heroine decides to play along ask tasks the hero with figuring out what is the better option; his answer after hearing gossip of the heroine leaving: he volunteers his time and soldiers to complete the heroine's mission. The heroine is against for all reasonable reasons, one of the being that the hero is her boss and it wouldn't be appropriate. Now, there's not marriage on the plate at this moment because our couple carry baggage from their families past experience of having their parents abandon their families (heroine's dad & hero's mother). They make a contract and the hero has the heroine made a joint partner in order to skirt around the no boss/employee relationship. They spend a lovely night & the hero has the joint partnership contract for the heroine much to her surprise. When she realizes that the contract was drawn up beforehand, she thinks that the hero wanted to keep her working with him no matter what. I found it pretty sad that the hero declared to his brother that he doesn't love anyone when he was pressing the hero to admit his feelings for the heroine, which the hero denied vehemently. A situation between the heroine and a man that causes jealousy in the hero and when he confronts the heroine about it, the both of them are thinking that the hero is being jealous. However, the hero denies the idea of being in love and says the wrong thing that pushes the heroine to run away from him. They go back to the first step of conceiving but the hero and his brother try to do the switcheroo to see if they can learn if the heroine is really in love with the hero but the heroine can tell which twin is which. The brother goes to the hero to tell him to see the heroine. The hero apologizes for his actions and explains his reason is because very few people can tell the difference between the hero and his brother, not even their horrible mother could. The heroine confesses that she's in love with the hero and while they embrace, the hero doesn't reply back of how he feels. It takes seeing the hero and another woman for the heroine to run away with the hero chasing after her. The hero is finally able to say to the heroine and admit to himself that he's in love with the her and doesn't want to lose you. We get marriage proposals and hugs at the end. I did like watching the hero's walls start to break down.

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