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Meg, an innocent and cautious woman, finds herself seated next to handsome millionaire Niklas on an airplane. Feeling marvelously attracted to the man, Meg allows herself to share a few kisses with him, and they even get a little action in under the blanket on the dimly lit plane! When their magical passion doesn’t abate in the slightest after they come down to earth, they exchange wedding vows the very next day. But the following morning, her husband gives her the cold shoulder and disappears from her life. A year later, Niklas’s lawyers show up to meet Meg, who has completely closed off her heart, to inform her Niklas is being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. On top of that, the only way to meet him is to show up there as his wife and request a meeting—a conjugal meeting!

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So-so 1  1

I liked the art and kinda the story but it wasn’t really original I’ve read other work that’s similar to this one I wasn’t really feeling the evil twin part and framed part it was extremely unoriginal I feel like I already know how it was gonna end and that was kinda sad.

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T-twist 3  3

I felt sorry for the poor heroine because of the hero's stupid lie and idea of protecting her. A year ago from the plot's current date, the heroine meets the hero on the plane. I feel a bit bad for saying this but it was a bit funny telling the hero her life story in order to distract herself from the fact that she has a great fear of planes and she's flying in one. Now, the two of them fall into a passionate love with a Las Vegas wedding, and a happy honeymoon. Yet, the next morning, the hero dismisses the heroine very coldly and she doesn't se him again. Now, a year later, three women come to her family's company to ask the heroine to convince the hero (who's been in jail for a year on embezzlement) to fire his current lawyer because they believe that its him who done all the embezzlement. At first, the heroine refuses but later agrees to fly to South America to help the hero. Now, it's not till later that the heroine finds out the hero was so cold to her that morning was because he received a call from that bad lawyer for the embezzlement accusations, so he didn't want her to be called the wife of a criminal. That's why he was so cold to push her away in order to protect her. The hero was pretty shocked when he finds the heroine at the prison. They're able to have a private conversation from big ears and prying eyes, which is when she reveals the information that the hero's employees (his two other lawyers and secretary who grew up with him in the same orphanage) about the bad lawyer. The two of them part on bad terms when the heroine finds out that one of the lawyers had a previous relationship with the hero and she lies to the hero about being paid for helping them. It's only until after he fires the bad lawyer that he learns the truth. The heroine also learns more about the hero and his dedication to help the orphanage he was left at as a child. Then back at the hotel, she is reunited with the hero once again and but in the minutes they spend time together, the heroine sees a difference from this hero to the last time she saw him. She becomes more frighten when he's forcing her into a car, shot in the bad, and reappears in her face. Twist: the hero had a twin brother who was separated from him at birth; unfortunately, the twin and the lawyer became partners in crime to steal and deface the hero. The twin dies in the arms of the hero and the lawyer goes to jail with a crazy look on his face. He did it all because the hero grew up in an orphanage. The hero and heroine go off for their honeymoon and the heroine finally tells her controlling parents that she's been married for a year. The hero is able to smooth things over with them (apparently, the more properties you have, the more they like you). The ending ends them kissing.

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