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Part-time hotel receptionist Phoebe and Greek multimillionaire Jed were crazy about each other. He embraced Phoebe and wrapped her in love and happiness. One day Phoebe discovers she’s pregnant and joyfully reveals the news to Jed. But his reply is unexpectedly cruel—he says there’s no man in the world who would want a pregnant mistress! In shock, Phoebe has a miscarriage and vanishes from Jed’s life. But five years later, he suddenly reappears!

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editor's comment - September 27th, 2019

Both the hero and the heroine were immature when they fell in love at yound age, the birth of baby changed their life, making them realize the importance of the family and the one they love.

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How could she misunderstand? 4  4

Now, the heroine is a college student in a relationship with some big international CEO. She lives with him but she still goes to college and works to support herself. I quite liked that part about how she doesn't give everything up. Now, the heroine finds out she's pregnant and is ecstatic about the whole thing. but the hero is not. He blows his top like Pompeii, spewing all the hateful words. Examples? Here they are: " A child is not part of my plans" "There's no man in the world who wants a pregnant mistress," "I'll explain the circumstances to my most trusted doctor....I'll pay for everything.". Then he goes off without a word. His words translate to the heroine as: "He doesn't love her or their child and he wants and abortion. She tries to run away but she falls, hit a sharp edge, and has miscarriage. The hero says at the hospital that he's here for her but she sees his face filled with anger and rage and thinks it's directed at her. She says something that causes her to comfort her then he leaves for his father's birthday but doesn't come back. She takes it as a sign that they're through and leaves with everything that he gave her. They reunite five years later where some old wounds are opened. The hero decides to dig into the heroine's life and finds her with the status of a single mother who has a little boy with his similar physical features. The hero flies off in a rage in search of the heroine. When he meets the heroine and little boy, he hears from the truth that the little boy that he was a twin and the other baby died. I was disappointed with the heroine and hero when it came to their choices in driving with children. I don't care if it's a country road but you should be driving like a madman with a child (even if they are in a booster seat) in the front. I also didn't like the heroine who didn't put the foot down on no. In fact, it's one of the things I agree with the hero when he shows the heroine that she's not teaching her son the word "No". She just spoils him and it will go back in the future. Back to the present, the hero goes to the heroine to demand answers about secret baby and all. However, she does something that not many heroines do; she recites the hero's exact words back at him and even giving him a translation that he wanted her to get an abortion. For some dumb reason, he seduce her but she shoves him right off the couch that surprised him because it was a first. Then the hero tells the heroine that he never wanted her to have an abortion and everything that came out of his mouth was said to calm her down? What the Holly Hoppin' Heck!!!!! The hero puts the words he meant: "I'll provide you with the very best maternity doctor. " & "I'll take responsibility for the child's life,". Ohhhh, hero! If those were the words you meant then why didn't you use them in the first place!! I mean, you could put a group of different people in the room and have them read that scene and I bet dollars to doughnuts that they would think what the heroine was thinking. The hero tells the heroine to give him a chance and they don't need love by the hero. So, the hero spends time with them, reveals his identity to the heroine, and they suddenly go to Greece when the hero's father takes a turn for the worse. They meet him in the hospital and the father tells the heroine why the hero never came back five years ago and to forgive him. Then he ends up coughing up a storm and worrying the hero very much. The hero reveals that his parents' marriage was a happy one but the mother died. Before she died, she gave the father her blessing to marry again for love and he did. Unfortunately, he married a gold digger who went after the hero who was hurt by this sense of betrayal from his father and stopped believing in the love that they had showed him. The hero pushes the heroine to marry him in front of his father in order to make the old man happy and to make up for the years. They have their wedding night but the hero wakes up to the heroine gone from her bed without her clothes insight. He flies off in a panic but can't find her anywhere. That is until he finds the heroine in his study, holding a gift that she gave him years ago. When he sees her, he collapses in shakes. He admits his love for the heroine because waking up to find her gone and "left" him again had him realize his true feelings for her. It was quite a good confession and opening up time for both our main protagonists. I quite liked it and I loved the ending with them having a happy wedding and three children with another three on the way.

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I LOVEEE IT.. 5  5

I really love it...XD I think it's one of the best HQs I've ever read.. It's worth the purchase.. its got 144 pages.. and the Hero is handsome..XD

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Loved it!! 5  5

All I got to say is I loved the ending!!!

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