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Olivia, an up-and-coming biographer, receives the job offer of a lifetime—Diane Haran, the Goddess of the Silver Screen, wants Olivia to write her life story. There’s just one little problem… Diane is the very same woman who stole Olivia’s husband, Richard, five years ago! Olivia wonders why this offer has fallen to her, of all people, but she takes the job anyway. When she arrives at the airport in LA, she meets Joe, a hotel tycoon…and Diane’s lover. She falls in love at first sight, but Joe’s pleasant manner may be covering up something darker…

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becky's comment - June 28th, 2018

Heroine is a career woman with a bad marriage but a calm and mature woman. Her decision to face her past definitely helped her to move on with a better life.

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3.5 It more of a move on than a romantic 4  4

For me, it didn't seem like a romance because it was more of a book about a woman who moves on from her past with growing into a relationship with the hero on the side. So, in the beginning, the heroine has is ordered by her boss to write a book about a US famous actress. Now, what the boss doesn't know is that this is the same actress who stole the heroine's husband five years before. You can imagine she wants nothing to do with the woman and is even confused on why the woman would want her husband's ex-wife to write her biography. However, she does in order to confront her feelings. We have the usual meeting at the airport with the hero then with the actress's 24 hour assistant. I must say that the heroine and ex-wife handled their first meeting together well professionally. The heroine discovers that the actress isn't entirely selfish after she goes to visit her hometown and discovers how the girl fought her away in the world of acting to the top. Then the heroine runs into her ex-husband and he's just an unsightly and I don't mean his massive weight gain from his constant consumption of large amounts alcohol. Now, he's being more than just friendly to the heroine, calling my....., saying how much he missed her, it was a mistake to marry that actress, & even kissing her on the lips. AS IF SHE WANTED TO BE KISSED BY THE MAN WHO LEFT HER FOR ANOTHER WOMAN!! He thinks it's all peachy dory but not for the heroine. In fact, from the next page here on out has me screaming, "Put this man in a strait jacket because he's delusional." For example, when the heroine pushes him away and exclaims she's only there for work not for him, he responds with, "No need to hide your true feelings from me,". It's just a horrible ride to the house with the OM whining about how miserable he is, drinking, and pawing at the heroine's thigh, which she keeps smacking away. It was also him who didn't support her or want to have kids; ironically, when they were divorcing, he blamed her for not wanting kids. ARE YOU KIDDING?! The man play the whole "victim" routine so much that he actually believes the crud he spitting out. Then there the fact of how everyone including the hero reacts when the actress gets wind of them actually meeting before she introduced him. It's tense and the heroine assumes it's because the hero is the next husband-to-be for the actress. There are some hot moments between our two main ladies but it cools down for a while. The heroine then runs into the hero to conduct an interview on the actress and the hero warns her not to trust her ex-husband. OH, wait until you read the irony for later. Now, he invites her out for a meal and the heroine declines. Afterwards, she has the annoying ex-husband/stalker wanting to talk to her. Why the heroine agrees to go to the bar with him, I will never know but I know that after the man opens his mouth, she has had enough of his cruddy words and tells him off that she's happier without him. She meets the hero again and they share a hot moment but sadly they part and she sees the OM whose head must be empty because he acts like the whole bar scene never happened. In fact, he drives like a maniac, calling both women horrible things and how he'll be on top. The heroine and the actress share one thing in a positive manner: they're both sick and tired of dealing with the OM. The heroine decides after getting roses from the hero that she wants a relationship and when things get hot, he asks her what she wants in a negative way. He believes she's a seductress because of what the actress's manager said who got it from the ex-husband who is in fact the hero's second source of information on the heroine. There's the irony part I said because the hero said not to trust the OM but look at him believing the words of that bitter drunk over the heroine's character. The last conversation between the heroine and actress has them realize that the OM was lying to them both over having kids and why he and the heroine divorced. Then the two get revenge by catching the man in the act of cheating............with the actress's ASSISTANT! Now, the assistant is fired and the actress can divorce the OM without paying a huge settlement. Our two ladies part on good terms and the heroine decides to have dinner before leaving. The hero comes by to apologize for his assumption and words towards the hero because he realized the truth (probably after the actress called him to tell him the news.). The heroine forgives him and they walk off scene. It was nice but I felt that the book was focused more on the heroine dealing with her past and present then a romance between the two.

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