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After losing her home, Sophie is walking in the rain, pushing her son in his stroller. While she’s looking for directions, she slips and falls in the gutter, almost getting hit by a car. Miserable, she looks up into the eyes of the man who stepped out of the car. It’s Ettore, the man she fell in love with and who falsely accused her of being a jewelry thief! Sophie feels desperate, shaken after their cruel reunion, and that’s before he mocks her for her misfortune. She absolutely cannot let this coldhearted man know about Torry, his son!

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The diabolical OW 2  2

Wow, what a nasty and scheming OW and I have read my fair share of the harlequin nasty OW. The hero is in a financial engagement with an old family friend whose family wealth has been depleted. Now they need a cash cow (the hero) to keep them from heading to a penniless and no caviar on toast lifestyle. It all goes fine until the hero meets his sister's nanny and they fall head over heels with each other. Now, the hero tries to break off the engagement multiple times but the OW won't allow it. So, she schemes her way to destroy not only the hero and heroine's relationship but the heroine's career. One night at the ball, the OW corners the heroine and tells her of the engagement between the hero and herself then says the heroine means nothing. During which, the weasel maid of the OW takes some jewelry from her mistress and plants it in the heroine's belongings. The trap and bait is set and the hero falls for it completely. The heroine doesn't say anything when the hero interrogates her about because she is so shocked at the OW's news. So, the hero takes her silence and has her fired but won't send a compliant to her nanny agency, which is what the OW did because separating them wasn't enough. In present time, a year and a half has passed and the hero and the heroine run into each other when the heroine has lost both home and job and is going to live with a friend (a male childhood friend whom the hero thinks is her lover). It was nice to read both of the feelings throughout the whole thing. It's easy to see that they're still in love with each other but they are also hurt from the last time they saw each other. Now, we see after the whole incident, the hero wants to send the heroine back but not send a compliant to the agency. We also see the OW just acting so snobbish and rude, still peeved over the hero not following her "suggestions". Then he realizes the baby he saw with the heroine had black hair when both heroine and friend were blonds. He goes back to confront her and it's a fight all over again. The hero even defends the OW "supposed" involvement in planting the jewelry. Have you met your friend, with all her up-nose airs where you can see her thick grandpa gnarly nose hairs? Then hero pulls out custody battle card to which the heroine buckles under and I don't blame her. There are four reasons why 1) she doesn't have a home. 2) She doesn't have a job, 3) past history of jobs would show the compliant making her look untrustworthy to a judge or jury, 4) the hero has the first two. The hero tries to push the heroine for marriage but the heroine holds strong against him. Plus, when he talks with his mother and sister, a couple of things come up. If the heroine was really a lowdown thief, then why didn't she come forward with the baby to demand child support or compensation. Plus, she had the choice of abortion, she didn't take it, and she gave birth by herself (okay, her nanny was there to support). It's there the hero starts to realize, the obvious: I don't know anything about the heroine. Well, shoot! I wouldn't expect to know everything about someone in timespan of 3 weeks spent together. The OW takes the news not so well. Here, I couldn't understand how the hero didn't think for a second of she couldn't be malicious enough to break both him and the heroine apart. Her words were and I quote," Chase the bastard and its mother out of your life.......make them disappear, got it!" There were a lot of bad stuff in the middle but the first and the last part is what I wanted to show. In that situation, I would have paid the kitchen boy to go out and buy two things: industrial plastic wrap and cheap wine (I mean the wine that comes in a cardboard box). Then when the OW is having her rant on, I would quickly cover the carpet with the plastic wrap and pour the wine over the OW's head. This is because a cheap woman deserves cheap wine. She acts like she's wearing the pants in the relationship but the hero shuts her up with permanently breaking their engagement & a personal threat from the hero to never call his son a bastard. He does make an effort to be apart of his son's daily activities but he's loses some brownie points on the treatment towards the heroine. Again, the two of them are fighting their attraction but things start to look up with they actually do spend some time together. It's during that time, the hero learns about the compliant sent to the nanny agency and he has the gaul to ask who? Let's count off the people who knew: hero, heroine, hero's sister & mother, OW, and OW's weasel maid. We can count off the first four, leaving the OW & the weasel maid, plus the hero should remember from past history of she recommended sending a compliant to the nanny agency. The hero realizes the heroine is telling the truth and decides to go to the OW for the truth. Yet, before that, the two of them engage in intercourse and I feel like saying, "WHAT?". Why did the heroine do that, she just had intercourse with a man who's been insulting her, threw her away, played with her feelings, made her lose her job, and been a real jerk to her???? The next morning after that, she sees the world from rose-tinted glasses until she gets a call from the OW who curses her for ruining the engagement of a spectacular couple, how her status is going to ruin the hero's family and more. This places the heroine back on square one who sobs to the friend of how miserable she is. This call is happening just as the hero is at the door listening in after confronting the OW and gets the whole truth. The OW blames him and says the whole thing is not her fault. Well, honey, I am kind enough to give you some advice; if you had half of the heroine's great personality, character, and morals then the hero would have stayed closer to you. He just didn't want a harpy for a wife when he could have a goddess like the heroine. Now, the phone conversation the hero overhears sucks all the apologies and courage out of the hero. The man thinks the heroine loves the friend even when told repeatedly that she doesn't. So, the hero agrees to send the heroine away with the baby and they separate for two weeks. The hero goes to see the heroine to sign child support papers. He apologizes for not believing her over the OW's lie. Finally, the truth comes out, the heroine reveals about the OW's phone call and the hero counteracts that the only woman he's ever loved and wanted to marry with love in the picture is her. He explains that his engagement was to be a marriage of convenience and how the both of them back off each other because they're in love. They're able to reconcile and admit that they're still in love. It's a happy ending but it wasn't my cup of tea.

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