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You know that saccharine-sweet sitcom from a decade ago with the little girl played by triplets? While everything was nicely tied up at the end of every episode, the series ended abruptly. The truth of the matter is that Kayla, one of the three girls, was injured in a car accident. Her sisters refused to continue without her, the show ended and her parents divorced! Still, all that hard work paid well, and the triplets are set to get access to their trust funds on their twenty-fifth birthday! Kayla’s twenty-four now and helps out a veterinarian clinic to make ends meet as she waits on her trust fund to whisk her off to Paris and into the arms of the knight she’s dreamed of since she was a child. Her best friend, neighbor and boss, Patrick, will continue on without her…or will he? They’ve been buddies for years, but Kayla may end up realizing that her handsome prince isn’t waiting overseas, that he might be right down the street taking care of animals. Is this just puppy love or is he really the cat’s meow?

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It was 2 & 3 throughout the plot. 5  5

The heroine is a former child star who played the same role with her other two sisters. However, despite the popularity of the show, it ended when the heroine was in a terrible accident. The accident led her parents divorce from fighting over who gets control over their daughters' money. The judge turns their money into a trust fund that they can access when they turn 25. Now, it's only a few more months from the heroine's 25th birthday and she spends her days working as a vet's assistant but volunteers her time by taking the animals to hospitals and retirement homes to bring a smile to peoples' faces. The hero and heroine have been in a long term relationship of boss/ employee to good friends for seven years that they know each other pretty well. The heroine wants to set him up with a woman because she's leaving and she doesn't want him to be alone. In fact, all they're missing from moving their relationship from friends to a couple is asking the other out on a date or "I want to be more than just friends,". They hesitate over their feelings because 1) both grew up with bad examples of marriages, 2) they both want to help achieve the other's dream and will sacrifice their happiness to help them,3) they're scared of taking their relationship another step then lose each other and 4) both aren't taking each other's advances seriously!!!! The heroine offers herself as a candidate but the hero thinks it's a joke and the heroine thinks the hero is into redheads but he's never admitted that he likes redheads. The heroine introduces her sister as a candidate but takes her place when she is unable to go. The heroine has a great time but when things get a little hot, she can't act anymore. The hero reveals that he knew it was the heroine and it was a ploy with the other sister to have one night where she could think with a clear head. The two of them have a wonderful confession of wanting to be together but the next morning, they agree to be friends when they still obviously want the other person. In fact, they're still doing 2 & 3 from earlier. The hero doesn't want to force the heroine to choose between himself and her dreams and the heroine is still hesitant to go forward. The two of them share one more night before the heroine hops on a plane but they still don't admit to each other. It takes a good scare for the both of them to run after each other and admit their love for one another. It was a very happy ending that took a long time to bloom.

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