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Madison Archer’s life is in a tailspin. After confessing her love to Viktor Beck half a decade ago to no avail, she’s become the scandal siren of the gossip rags. Stories about how she’s into S and M, polygamy and other activities that the board of her father’s company would question have led to an ultimatum. She is to marry a suitable man, have his kids and groom them to take over the company. If not, the company will ruin her best friend’s family’s business. Maddie decides to play by their game for her friend’s sake and at the cost of her own love life, but when her cold and calculating groom enters the room, Maddie’s conflicted. She can save her friend, but she must marry the man who turned her down so coldly six years prior: Viktor Beck. Does the man she once loved truly love her now, or is all this just a power play for her company and her obedience?

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3.5 nicely done 4  4

The heroine is up against heavy artillery in the name of her father who she barely has had a relationship. In fact, the only way to call it a relationship is a cats and dogs one. He's forcing the heroine to get married in order to clean her image since some told the presses about a bunch of lies about her from bed hopping and such. This is all thanks to the heroine's friend of seven years and she's not giving into her father's demands. That is until he coerces her in marrying one of his executives by not doing a takeover of her best friend's company. The only best option is the hero but he rejected the heroine's feelings when she was 18 but she's still holding onto the pain even after six years. We see after the rejection, the heroine threw herself into volunteer work and numerous activisms with the help of her friends. The hero is actually a gentleman to the heroine from not only remembering her favorite kind of pancakes but also listening to her side of the story regarding her friend's betrayal. It's something her father never did. He does open up that he wanted the heroine but she was too young at the time and he was still learning the ropes of the business under her father. So, he waited for her to grow more.The hero apologizes for rejecting and has a pretty nice proposal set up. He's able to convince her to go through with the marriage. They start by handling the media and then the heroine's father invites her for dinner, something he's never done before. It's a lot of raw emotions between the two. The man was a workaholic who ignored wife and child for his company. His neglect drove the wife to be a adrenaline junkie and she died during one of her excursions. So, two months after the woman's death, he had the heroine as well as her friend shipped off to boarding school. The father realizes now it was a mistake and paid for the friend's tuition in order for the heroine not to be lonely and keep the friend from becoming a unpaid for her father. The two seem to make progress and it goes even better with the hero's grandparents. They do make a couple of requests to put some Russian wedding traditions like imposter bride into their wedding and it's such a sweet thing.They have a happy wedding and a happy honeymoon.Things seem to go well for the heroine till her father screws it up. I mean he calls her over and surprises her with a meeting with a psychiatrist who's going to determine if she's mentally sane to hold onto those precious shares. The heroine walks out of there peeved. She informs the hero who comes to get her but right before that, she's cornered by her ex-friend who's trying to get on her good side. She tells him to back off but he won't listen till the hero knocks him to the ground. They send the guy packing and then the hero takes the heroine back to the father. He threatens to destroy the company the father loves so much if he tries psychologically assess the heroine again over some silly stocks. The heroine recommends her father get therapy and the couple leaves. The next few pages are really nice with the hero and heroine tasing things out of wanting to communicate more and more. It was actually a very nice ending.

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