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In sixteenth-century England, Lady Margaret was just eleven when her father died. He designated Christopher, a pirate, as her guardian, and decreed in his will that they were to marry. But Margaret, still young, was scared of Christopher, so he kept his distance. They lived a marriage in name only for years, which was never a problem for Margaret before. But now that she’s eighteen, she desperately wants to consummate their marriage! Unfortunately, even though she’s grown up, Christopher doesn’t feel the same way…

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a good medieval romance 5  5

Yeah, I liked this one. The hero gets married to an 11 year old girl because that was considered the norm in Old Britain when Queen Elizabeth reigned and the heroine's father asked him to. Reason: to protect the little girl and her assets from being seized and exploited by greedy-in-laws (the heroine's cousin is a good one because he taunts the heroine with rumors of the queen dissolving their marriage and he will marry her). So, the girl didn't take well to the whole marriage thing because she just lost her father and she has this stranger in her house, which her child mind can't comprehend. The hero is shown to be a kind hero by nursing her back to health but she still rejects him and rejects him with a hateful passion. This kind of rejection hurts the hero who goes back to the sea and they don't see each for seven years. Now, current day of the book, the heroine wants to see the hero but he hasn't responded to any of her letters that she has sent him over the years since their last encounter. She's also getting pressure from the greedy cousin of how her marriage is going to be dissolved and she knows what future awaits her if that happens. Plus, she does want to see the hero and so, she asks her handmaiden for advice on how to seduce men like her husband. She makes at the decision of 18 years old to seduce her absent husband. Now, the hero has been at sea plundering ships and gaining favor with the Queen who wants him to marry someone she declares suitable. The hero is stuck because he doesn't want to be used as a pawn for the Queen and he can't go to his wife because her eleven year old rejection still hurts. Now, he rests at the inn where he meets a naked woman in his bed and though, he is suspicious of her, they still have intercourse. She disappears the next morning taking nothing but his dagger (something not worth much value). He's confused and wants to meet her but he still has to meet his little wifey. He goes to the family mansion and meets the heroine/ woman from last night, he thinks she's a servant to his wife and is furious over the fact that his wife sent a servant to satisfy his lust and find any secrets. These accusations are heard by the greedy cousin who barges in, insults the heroine with her full name, and slaps her. The hero chases the cousin away and they talk over some things. Then the hero decides to take the heroine back to his ship in order to keep her safe from pests. She protests and he goes over the shoulder manner. I actually really liked the being on the ship chapter because the hero gets to see the heroine's bad side on her first day on the ship but sees the good side over the next few days like being a nurse to the doctor when they attack a spanish scout ship. After the battle is over, the hero has the heroine sent home in the ship because they're going to run into more spanish scout ships and he doesn't want her caught in the middle of it. Instead of obeying her husband, the heroine goes straight to the queen to ask the queen to send more ships to aid the hero. The queen doesn't have a good impression of the heroine (thanks to the greedy cousin) and after they have a talk, the queen has the heroine sent to the tower for disobeying her husband's orders but accepts the heroine's request for ships. The heroine takes the whole thing with being imprisoned quite well. She is not put on the rake or anything, but gets to eat treats that the hero's right hand man brings her everyday. Finally, the hero has come to take the heroine out of the tower after two weeks. He tells her that their marriage is still intact and he wants to stay married to her. The heroine agrees and still agrees after the hero tells her that he may have to leave from time to time for the sea. Again, I really liked it.

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