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Named the best model in the world, Jemima, who is no romantic, is forced by her manager to find a boyfriend in an effort to improve her public image. Feeling pressured, she leaves for a small island in the Caribbean. There she meets a mysterious man named Niall, who challenges her with his sweet seductions. On this island that was once a pirate hideout, Niall promises Jemima an unforgettable day. But he has yet to learn the real reason why Jemima is so hesitant to fall in love…

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the model and the spare heir 4  4

The heroine comes on vacation in order to escape her stalker ex-manager who's been harassing ever since he was let go. She goes under a different identity and clothes but the hero can smell a mystery. He takes her to his friend's hotel where he sets to seduce and reveal her true identity. Unfortunately, the heroine' wall are harder to breach than the hero realizes but he's not deterred. We get flashback of the heroine's past few months of what led up to her disappearing to the hero's island. The heroine accepts the hero's dates and enjoys herself. The hero opens up about his dysfunctional family with his father and older brother being the worst. It's an intimate moment for them both. Then he opens about being in love with the one woman he wanted to marry but she rejected him; the idiot said all that to the heroine. It breaks the heroine's heart and she's right back up with her walls. So, the hero figures out she's a world famous model and is desperate to figure out what he did wrong (he must have blanked when pouring his heart about his first and "only" love). Now, the hotel asks the heroine to use her identity to help with a charity and she has no problem. It only helps her stalker narrow down her location on the location where he landed earlier. He corners the heroine when she's alone and attempts to rape her but the hero punches his lights out. Once, they're in the jail, the heroine reveals how the manager manipulated her into starving herself so badly that she had to be hospitalized for a month. They made a mutual agreement that he quit if they didn't take it to court but he began stalking her relentlessly. She gives him the easy way out but with the promise if he tries anything again then she'll call the police. The next morning, the hero tries to give the heroine a drive to the airport but she rejects it. Then he's surrounded by reporters calling him the heir and the heroine leaves confused. The hero tries to contact the heroine to no avail till his cousin reveals he's marrying the heroine's older sister. At the wedding, the heroine runs into the hero who's speaking with a mutual friend who turns out to be the first love. He gets the heroine alone where he admits he was stupid in opening up about his "only" love story to the heroine. He says that it's her and opens up that he was on the island to get away from the recently receiving the title of Dukedom since his brother's death. He confesses his love and asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes.

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