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Talented computer designer Dana bumped into her coolheaded and shrewd boss, Griffin, while she was carrying a large amount of alcohol. He believed the alcohol was actually hers, and seeing his mood, Dana quickly ran off. Both of them were left with bad first impressions, and each time they met, those impressions were only strengthened. But when Griffin learned about a particular secret, his impression of Dana completely changed, and her impression of him slowly began to change, as well. Maybe one can have a second chance at first impressions after all.

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The O-W and O-M were cupids 4  4

The heroine was given a job by her bosses who's been taking advantage of her thankfulness with having her cover up for him with his drinking and making her do all his work. Then hero thinks it's the heroine who's leading the man astray and has her fired. OHHHHHHHH, what sweet irony it was to see the look on the hero's face when he sees drunken boss who opens his big fat mouth about the heroine doing everything. He realizes that he just lost the person he needed for his project and goes to her place to see if he can get her back. Now, what I liked about this heroine is that she didn't go all cue and simple and say,"Okay, I forgive you and I will work like before again," NO! She makes her demands with all the benefits, options to stock, and more. I loved it!!! So, the two of them go to the presentation but the heroine sadly left the hotel reservations to the drunk boss and the only room available is the wedding suite. The two start learning more about each other and they're about to share a kiss when the hero's potential bridal candidate appears. Not only her but the heroine's close friend and someone she considered marrying because he doesn't act like a jerk came with the OW. It's a real party in this harlequin now. When the hero and heroine are alone and talking about the marriage candidates, they fall into bed and go at it like rabbits. Then the morning comes with a air of freezing cold form the heroine. When the hero realizes that he wants more from the heroine, she tells him that she's going to live with the OM. The OW sees the hero's dejected face and starts thinking. A month later, the hero asks about the heroine and hears that she's getting married. However, the OM doesn't want to get married because they are best friends and not lovers, not to mention that he was hesitant about getting married and in the last month, they haven't had sexual intercourse. The heroine understands the OM's reason and they decide to end it. Next, the hero comes to the realization that he is in love with the heroine. Then he gets a call from the OW to meet him but he runs into the heroine. They literally run into each. hold each other close, and confess their love. Guess who pops up afterwards: the OM and the OW. They contacted each other and planned to bring the hero and heroine together. They wish the heroine and hero the best. Afterwards, there's a wedding and an epilogue with the heroine and hero being a family of three and the OM & OW are marrying each other. It was a nice ending.

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Nice plot 5  5

Nice plot with independent and strong female protagonist. Great character instead of the cliche "damsel in distress" protagonist.

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