Romantic Suspense HOT AS ICE

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When a man is discovered frozen in the Arctic ice, where he’s been for the past fifty-six years, Diana, an agent for the top-secret organization Omega, is tasked with reviving him. His heart suddenly begins beating again, but for him, this is the future and he has no family or friends left.  While guiding bewildered Charles through the twenty-first century, Diana’s heart is won over by his passion and candor. But how could things ever work out between a rational scientist like her and an old-fashioned, hot-blooded man like him? Yet, even though he’s old-school when it comes to gender issues, when he takes Diana in his strong arms and kisses her, Diana’s heart and body catch fire!

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Sadly, his old fashion morals didn't last - lets call it 3.5 4  4

It was an enjoyable story, although I was a little disappointed. Our hero was from another era and the clash of morals was inevitable, especially with our heroine being brought up by die-hard feminists, but it didn't take him long to fall down to a more modern standard. As to the story, there was really a lot crammed into it. In fact, in the comments, the artist talks about having to cut a fair bit out to make it fit the illustrated format. I think this required the artist to set the stage on a few occasions, and then leap ahead leaving the reader to intuit the story in between to save a few pages. These didn't ruin the story for me, but it did send me scrolling back more than once to see if I missed a page, which put a hiccup into the flow. That said, the tale had a pleasant blend of intrigue, conflict, and romance that made it worth the rent.

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something new 4  4

It was a new and fun plot plus characters for me in this story. We have a biologist/secret agent as the heroine and a time-capusle army pilot as the hero. The hero is found in frozen and identified as a U2 spy pilot, the heroine's mission is to protect him and figure how he crashed in the first place. The heroine arrives not a moment too soon before one of scientists wants to experiment, dissect, and test the hero in his rare and comatose state. The heroine pulls the legal grounds of harming a U.S. citizen and has him awakened. Now, the hero thinks the whole "frozen for 56 years" is a joke until the proof is shown before. The anguish he shows when he realizes that he's lost his friends, fiancee, purpose, and connection to his country is so heartbreaking. I love watching the two of the clash and communicate because the hero's sense of culture goes against the heroine; for example, he's against the idea of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman traveling together because it's inappropriate but the heroine is perfectly fine with it. During their time together, they investigate what made the hero crash in the first place. They start to fall in love with each other but there is a big obstacle when the hero discovers the heroine's other job of being a secret agent. He put his trust in her but finding out who she is, made him unable to trust her at the time. The heroine is distraught but is encourage by her boss to fight for the hero's trust again. The two are able to reconcile when they discover the cause of the crash and it's creator being the very scientist who wanted to experiment on the hero. Then speak of the devil the scientist is there with his goons and kidnaps the heroine. Luckily, the hero and the heroine's group are able to save her and stop the bad scientist. There's hugging and kissing between the two when they are see other again. A few months later, they tie the knot and are ready to fly off into the sunset in an old army plane carrier. I really enjoyed reading this one and it was definitely worth the rent.

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