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Chloe is a secretary and her boss, Steven, is a brilliant and handsome businessman. After losing his wife, he is also the single father of a small daughter. One day his nanny has an emergency and Chloe steps in to care for his daughter. Chloe had been recently engaged and didn’t see Steven as an object of romance. But now that she’s single, her feelings have begun to change, especially once they spend some time together outside work. And now a chance snowstorm is coming, and these coworkers will have to spend the night together! Will their relationship still be strictly professional once the snow has cleared?

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becoming a mother means marriage. 3  3

It's another platonic marriage between hero and heroine for the hero's daughter. The hero is a recently single due to her fiancée leaving her, taking all the money from the shared account for their wedding, and running off with another girl. Now, she is single and full of debt. She tries to tell the hero, her boss because he's good boss and friend who will help the heroine out who's been a great support to him through his at work and when he needs an emergency babysitter. It takes a sick babysitter for the hero to ask the heroine another night of babysitting his daughter who the heroine shares a happy and healthy and happy bond. The hero then finds a letter from the heroine's previous job of employment and thinks she might go back to them for the amount they're offering but lucky for him when he comes later that night, asks the heroine to stay and about what the letter said, the heroine clears up the misunderstanding by saying if she was going to ask the hero if he could give her a raise. The hero is relieved and happily agrees. The night is spent watching the fire in the fireplace and listening to the hero being lonely after his wife (a good woman throughout the book, I'm so happy because it gets tiring to have dead wives turn out to be either fragile or horrible). After talking about his pain, he realizes the heroine 's hand is lacking the engagement ring and finally learns why she was asking for a raise in the first place. We learn the heroine's relationship with the now ex was for two years and she financially supported him. She thought that he loved her for her independence but he thought and he said and I quote: "If you think you're supporting me, you're out of your mind," Well, was she paying the rent without making you pay half, was she buying the food that you didn't pay for, did she go out and bring back things like laundry soap or new socks for you because you didn't have a job? If she was doing all of that when you didn't have job or two pennies to rub together then she is financially supporting you stupid jerk!!! The hero gets mad for the heroine's sake and tries to cheer her up for her sake but she doesn't believe him. Then the two share a kiss but end up pushing away and coming up with excuses. They leave it at an awkward moment and go to bed. The next morning had me peeved because the heroine's ex-fiancée calls because he wants the heroine to sign a contract with him that will hand him the house they put a down payment and she says, let me think on it?????!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!! THIS IS THE MAN WHO LEFT YOU FOR ANOTHER WOMAN, TOOK ALL THE MONEY FROM YOUR SHARED ACCOUNT, AND LEFT YOU WITH HIS DEBTS AND YOU SAY LET ME THINK ABOUT IT WHEN HE CALLS YOU TO PULL YOU INTO SIGNING A CONTRACT!!!! She should slammed the phone down on him at least, the only saving grace was the hero being there to talk some sense into her. in a short time span, the hero breaks off his engagement to another woman because she wanted to send the hero's daughter to boarding school but both hero and heroine are against it. The heroine talks about going to her stepsister's wedding and the hero volunteers himself as her date. The heroine has a wonderful and warm connection with her family like her stepmother who cared for her ever since she came into their home after the her mother died. The hero learns from the heroine's father of the heroine going along with marrying the ex in the first place was because when the heroine's mom left him for another man, the heroine went after her to care for her. Sadly, it turns out the man controlled them with violence rather than love. So, having a calm and trustworthy man is the only reason the heroine would marry in the first place and it seemed like the ex fit the description to a T. I liked the showing of how protective the father is of the heroine when he talks to the hero. Although, it's funny because right after the father advises the hero to take his relationship with the heroine slow, not more than five minutes when the hero and heroine are alone, the hero ask the heroine to marry him. His reason: it would be for practical reasons but he gives her time to think on her answer. The hero and heroine talk about her past and when it comes hard for the heroine to even talk without crying, the hero takes her in his arms and holds. After that, they spend a hot evening and while, things are looking up, it ends with the reappearance of the hero's ex-fiancée who's ticked that he broke off their engagement. She comes strutting into the office, giving vague words on the what her relationship with the hero currently is. Then the hero is acting suspicious, he leaves his phone alone with the heroine who sees a text about the hero's trip, and if you couple that with the hormones of a pregnant woman; she rejects the hero's proposal because she's afraid of getting hurt again. The hero is able to quickly clear the misunderstanding that the ex-fiancée only wanted the hero to buy her perfume in Paris that she couldn't get in the UK. Plus, the "we're" slip of the tongue was the hero's surprise to the heroine of taking her to Paris with him for the weekend. The two of them admit that they're in love with each and the heroine reveals her pregnancy to the hero. They end on a happy note.

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