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Shy and timid Meg was engaged to the son of her company’s CEO, but after he embezzled funds and blamed it on her, she was abruptly fired. Then one day a French businessman named Etienne appeared in front of her. The moment they met he told her he wants her to return to the company that fired her, but this time as its CEO! Meg swore to herself that she would never again be deceived by a man, but she eventually gives in and agrees to return on her own terms. Although, despite her determination to keep their relationship professional, the distance between her and Etienne seems to keep shrinking…

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Love language with pens 4  4

The heroine is called back to the company whose CEO's son who was also her fiancée at the time fired her for falsifying documents (it was all the son was just using her). Now, the son who's the boss has nearly run the company to the ground for his lack of enthusiasm of pens because his mother spent more time at the company and writing him letters the spending actually time with himself and his new fangled ideas of making the pens more into spyware than retaining their actual elegance. So, the hero is called in, finds the staff in chaos with the only name who would know what to do is the heroine's name. He meets the heroine with an offer that she rejects twice but after seeing the son and one of the female staff and overhearing their backstabbing, she agrees to the job. So, for the next fifty pages, the hero helps the heroine break out of her shell and show the company and business world that their company is still on top. The heroine is given a makeover and encouraging words from the hero to Carpe diem and she does it so well. The two of them learn that the heroine's anxiety of speaking in front of people is when she got stage fright at one of the mother's conferences when she was a kid and told to speak to everyone. Rather than patting her child on the back, the woman threw a temper tantrum for the heroine embarrassing her. The heroine's parents divorced because the father was defending the heroine and she was sent to live with her grandmother. They also learn that the hero was once married but it was a marriage of convenience to a childhood friend but the hero neglected her and one day she was died from an congenital heart defect and realized too late that she loved him for him. He was heartbroken and decided from then on not to fall in love again. Their relationship at this point is set at a stop sign, however, it doesn't stop the heroine from caring for the hero or helping him face his past and visit his wife's grave for the first time in so long. Then at huge conference, the heroine is attacked by the CEO's son in an attempt to defame her but she handles herself well and even has him looking like a fool. Moments after this, the hero tells the heroine that he wants to get married to her but she rejects him. She spends the next several days in bed but hops out when she hears that CEO's son is making a ruckus. Luckily, both she and the hero arrive to calm things down and it gives them an opportunity to talk about the events intertwining their lives. The heroine tells the hero the reason for her objection was the fact that she didn't want to be swept away by impulse. The hero explains that she was once a task to complete but as he spent time with her, she became more than just a task. He has a lovely speech about it and he asks if he can propose to the heroine one more time. The heroine says yes to both questions and we have a nice ending.

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