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Somer, the bright young daughter of an oil tycoon, sets off for the Bailiwick of Jersey to see her fiancé after a year apart…only to learn he’s cheating on her with another woman! Stricken with grief, the heartbroken young woman finds herself drawn to Chase Lorimer, an attractive photographer and experienced lover. On a whim, she steals away to a quiet cove with him…but it leads to a pain she’ll never forget. Five years later, a mysterious letter addressed to Somer arrives at the office…from Chase Lorimer. He asks Somer to marry him and says if she refuses, he’ll leak compromising photos of her to the press! All Somer can do is wish this nightmare would end as the memories of that horrible day come flooding back…

About the Author

After reading a serialized Mills & Boon book in a magazine, Penny Jordan quickly became an avid fan! Her goal, when writing romance fiction, is to provide readers with an enjoyment and involvement similar to that she experienced from her early reading – Penny believes in the importance of love, including the benefits and happiness it brings. She works from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by four dogs and two cats, and welcomes interruptions from her friends and family.

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The harlequin is a twisted blackmail romance. To start off, the 18 year-old heroine goes to surprise her fiancée but finds him in bed with another woman. She charges in and declares the marriage is off, much to the man’s horror. I actually found the whole thing to be a good dose of Karma because the OW screwed around to marry the guy but his hotel business sank and he barely cares about their baby or her. Then we got the guy who chose feminine assets over financial assets. He becomes the OM, taking the role in sabotaging the main couple’s relationship later in the book. Back to the past, heroine ends up going with the hero to a secluded cove minutes after her declaration. Yet, she sill is going through the usual break up emotions like what is wrong with her and how did it come to this. The hero’s interest in her makes her want to feel beautiful and she takes up on the guy’s offer until it actually happens. She lets it slip about the fiancée, it results in the hero lashing out at her in anger. He feels used once again as many other women have used him before. He leaves her for a while till he regrets his outburst. The problem is that she’s disappeared(found a last minute seat) and the staff (fiancée’s OW) hid her identity. He yearns for her endlessly for the next five years till her face and name pop up as the daughter to the new appointed ambassador as well as fiancée to a tycoon. The man believes himself in love and wants her to marry him. So, he proposes………a blackmail deal: she either marries him or he sends the photos out to every paparazzi rag in London. He even gives a false reason as to why he needs her to marry him because no one would believe it was out of love. The heroine backed in a corner agrees to the whole marriage. She meets his twin who gives her the backstory of the hero being backstabbed by a past love. Next, the heroine meets the rest of the family, consisting of many little nephews who are a hoot. The cold marriage starts to warming up till the OM comes back with his “evidence” that the hero is cheating on her with another woman. Hero finds out about their little meeting and has a fit. It leads to the revelation of the heroine’s virginity was intact till along came the hero. The twisted part: hero accusing the heroine for hanging on to her flower for the ditched OM even though she denies it. Next, the OW shows up right after with lies about the hero going to be with her and all. To top it all off with a cherry, the heroine finds out from her in-laws that the marriage inheritance clause doesn’t exist. The discovery causes her to run off with the hero chasing after her. Finally, we have the big confession of love. They believe each other’s words and find out the heroine is pregnant. We have the epilogue where everyone is cooing over the new twin girls in the family. It’s a happy ending for all but I wasn’t too big on it.

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