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Persephone, born into an aristocratic family, can’t find her place in society. One day, she meets a man she doesn’t know when she’s out horseback riding. She abruptly runs away the moment she sees the man’s piercing beautiful eyes, but he captures her in his castle in the valley. Scared at what he might have planned for her, Persephone finds out that this man, Hades, is actually a handsome, highly educated, sophisticated man. She’s sent back home safely a few months later and now she’s ready for the Season. She’s completely taken aback by a marquess she meets there—it’s Hades!

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I liked it 5  5

It's quite a interesting read with how the hero and heroine meet, bond, marry, and survive their marriage. The heroine is different from what her mother expects and wishes. When she goes out riding, she is knocked unconscious and is saved at the hands of the hero in incognito with a gang of robbers to find out who's been offing off the members of his family and had him accused and ousted from society for "raping" a noble woman. He returns the heroine to his place of residence where he nurses her back to health and treats like a lady. Sadly, during the heroine's stay, the hero is caught and barely escapes with his life. He comes back home with a wounded shoulder and the heroine nurses him back to health. They enjoy each other's company but the hero returns the heroine to her family were received a letter from the hero about the heroine earlier but it does little to ease their worries and they practically put the heroine on a plush pillow when she returns to them. The heroine goes into society with her own style, not her mother's, which actually has every man turning their heads to her. Then she reunites with the hero who is on the radar of unsuitable suitors for the heroine's mother, despite the father's advice that the accusations against the hero were unfounded. I loved the scene where the heroine announced to both parents that the hero asked for her hand in marriage and she agreed. The two are married and the whole family of the heroine's and hero like his grandmother and close cousin then the distant cousin come for the party. I liked how the heroine is perceptive and asks the hero on why he was involved with the gang and the hero's honesty with the heroine that he was investigating to find the man responsible for his family's misfortune. On their honeymoon, the cousin is brought back to the mansion from being ambushed and shot. He begs the hero before collapsing to save bring someone to him. That very night, the hero travels to his cousin's location to find a little boy who the cousin has been hiding due to the recent family tragedies and was worried that who ever was behind it would target the little boy. The hero takes the little boy back to see his father and during this time, the mansion is under attack by the very same people who killed the father and brother, accused the hero of rape, and shot the cousin. They tie up everyone and are about to kill the heroine when her mother attacks them like an animal, despite being stabbed repeatedly in the back. Happily, the hero and the rest arrive in them to subdue the villains and finally bring the end of harbinger of misfortune onto the hero's family. We have a lovely ending with everyone having an outdoor picnic and enjoy themselves.

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