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Ten years have passed since Charlene’s parents died and her then-boyfriend, Brand, left her. She has no intention of forgiving him—without his support, she lost her little sister, Cissy, to their horrible relatives, and she blames it on Brand, who refused to marry her. Raised by her aunt and uncle, Cissy has grown up to be selfish and rebellious. And then one morning, Charlene wakes up to a baby on her couch with a letter from Cissy stating that Brand is the child’s father!

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it's hard to forgive 4  4

It will be a ten year reunion for the hero and heroine since the hero left the heroine when she asked him to marry him. Now, she comes to him, asking if he's seen her sister because her sister left a baby and a note that the father was the hero. The hero denies it and the heroine believes him, despite holding hostility towards him for leaving him when she wanted to marry him because she loved him and so, she could have guardianship of her nine-year-old sister but the hero didn't and the sister was sent to nasty aunt and uncle. Now, the sister is a troubled 19 year old girl who has disappeared and the heroine has no way of contacting her. The hero tries to offer his services but the heroine won't it until he says he has a half-brother who's a detective and can find the sister for her and she accepts. The hero lives close to his mother and it's clear to see why he didn't marry in the first place was despite having a wonderful mom, he had a terrible dad who was with many women and had many children. For a guy, not having a stable and good male role model in his life, he was unsure of whether he could be a good husband and father for the heroine and her sister when he was just 19 years old. Then, if you couple with having a crappy father, he doesn't have the confidence to be a good husband. I liked that the hero's mother is a sensible and honest woman who tells the hero that his journey to win back the heroine's favor won't be an easy one. The heroine doesn't get this until later. In the evening that same day, the hero goes to the heroine's home to explain his actions but the heroine isn't ready yet to forgive. She also gets another surprise and another person to asks forgiveness at her doorstep: the aunt. The heroine can't find the words to let the woman in but the hero does and reasons with the heroine to let her in. Once inside, the aunt apologizes to the heroine for mistreating her and the sister. She wishes to see the baby but the heroine is uncomfortable to let the aunt near her but the hero is there to act as the go between and helps the heroine deal with the aunt. To me, it was very interesting to watch the heroine slowly trust the aunt and tries to forgive them. The hero and heroine also develop in their relationship until the hero proposes marriage to the heroine but she rejects because she still can't trust him. This breaks the hero's heart and he leaves with sadness and the heroine cries over her loss. The heroine and aunt seem to find common ground to have a meal together where the aunt reveals that she and the crummy uncle are divorced because she caught him cheating with a younger woman. Then look who shows up but the sister and a sketchy guy who pants a lot. The sister sees the aunt who tries to apologize but the sister screams at her to get out and she wants to talk with her sister alone. Then comes the next frightening thing: the sketchy guy claims to be the baby's father and since the sister isn't mother material, they'll let the heroine keep the baby if she pays them $10,000. The heroine is shocked but is able to quickly realize the guy is suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms, making him very dangerous. She tells sister that she can do better than with a creep like him, which raises his anger and she locks herself and the baby in the bathroom. Yet, the creepy guy breaks it down and the sister tries to stop him but he hits her real good. Luckily, it's the aunt who comes to the rescue and splashes a pot of boiling water on him. Just then, the hero comes in because the aunt called him. The police come and the sister apologizes to the heroine for the mess and weeps that she doesn't know who the father is. Just when the hero is about to leave, the heroine is encouraged by the aunt to go after the hero and she does. She hugs him from back and exclaims that she does trust the hero and wants to marry him. The hero holds the heroine and they promise to uphold their love. I like this story because it shows the struggles of forgiving someone and how it can have such a positive effect when you do.

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