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Elizabeth was speechless when she ran into Sir Richard again at a dinner party held at her sister’s estate. She had been in love with Richard since she was a young girl. And though she should have been thrilled, Elizabeth was incredibly nervous. A year earlier, she had been caring for injured soldiers as a nurse when the two happened to cross paths. Since Richard had temporarily lost his sight, Elizabeth decided to keep her identity hidden from him. Feeling vulnerable, Richard had reached out for her, and she ended up spending one passionate night in his arms. Now she can only hope he’ll never realize that Mary the nurse was actually her!

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Strong Female Lead 5  5

This was a really good book that shows the growth and strength of the heroine. She didn’t let something or someone in her past make her shy away from the world, instead she took her life into her own hands. She stood up for herself and her friends. The hero also grew up and recognized his past errors. I definitely would recommend if you like strong female characters.

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Love it 5  5

Nice story, great hero n heroine. I love a strong woman and a formidable hero. The hero made mistake but he admitted it sincerely n lovely. I hope there many more stories like this in harlequin. Though i did find some great stories that i really love, although still outnumbered with alpha male n 'too good' heroine.

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had to prove it 5  5

The hero and heroine have a seven age gap difference and were engaged by their fathers. However, the hero wasn't interested in the heroine with her freckles and baby faced but he was smitten with her older sister that was only a year younger than him. They share a kiss but she laughs in his face at his confession of love and marries a man twenty years her senior. So, the hero leaves and doesn't see the heroine or the sister for seven years. He only gets a letter from the heroine that they should dissolve their engagement since it was made by their fathers and the two are dead. So, there's no need to continue on. The hero feels immense relief from having to marry the heroine; Boy, did he feel stupid when he's reunited with the heroine once more at her sister's party. Now, the heroine handles herself well by her bully sister and the hero's constant stares. The hero admits that he was a fool in many aspects when it comes to the heroine like her beauty shows inside and out. Later on, he sets to leave her at the sister's house because the sister wants to "mend differences" with her but he catches her going down to the cellar and follows her. They end up trapped down there and the heroine is able to piece together that her sister intended to trap her with another man in the cellar and force them to marry but the man drank himself to sleep in another room. When she finds out, the sister pulls this whole act of keeping their night together a secret for their sakes but it's only because she doesn't want to lose the hero who has a title now to her sister. The hero and heroine go back to the mansion they stay at. The hero only becomes more entranced when he sees the heroine having good midwifery skills. He's only able to find out a little more about the heroine from friends when he talks about the sister being a good person. The wife of the friend who's a friend to the heroine spats at the idea of the sister being good. She states that the hero has no idea of how badly the heroine was treated by the sister and mother then speeds off. Her words make the hero wonder about the heroine and her family. The heroine has another secret that she's afraid to tell: she did meet the hero before the party but he was wounded and his eyes covered with bandages. She nursed and encouraged him to live and he had in her in passion tryst. It's something the hero feels guilty for, especially since he thinks the woman died in a boat accident. Later on, the heroine is invited by other Lady to a party and she tells the heroine of how the sister strongly insisted the heroine be invited. The heroine can sense a trap and the friend reveals she overheard the sister scold the butler for locking in the wrong man with the heroine. When the hero and the hero meet again and the matter of the "scandalous night" comes up, the hero says that a marriage with her wouldn't be undesirable and asks the heroine to marry him. She REJECTS him and that puts in a real slump. The hero decides not to give up after being encouraged by the friend's wife. Later on, the heroine reveals the sister's two-faced nature and the hero is shocked but he believes the heroine's words. So, they head to the party and meet the sister who looks green with envy when the hero announces his want to marry the heroine, not out of obligation. Next, the heroine finds the hostess who's afraid of the sister because of the blackmail the sister has on her. The heroine decides enough is enough and goes to see the sister. Yet, she catches the hero with the sister in the garden and decides to listen in on their conversations. The sister makes many attempts with each one becoming more risqué than the other to get the hero back into her claws. However, the hero can't stand to have her touching him and makes his intentions clear that he intends to marry the heroine and only the heroine because he loves her. Then the heroine makes her presence known to the two. She tells the sister in a polite fashion that she hands over the blackmail evidence to the hostess and to never invite herself to anybody else's house without an invitation from the inhabitants otherwise she will tell the sister's in-laws that she's not the daughter of the heroine's father but of another man before the mother was married. There is a spat but the heroine has the last word and the sister leaves in a huff. The hostess thanks the heroine for her help and goes back to the party. When the hero and heroine are alone, she decides to tease him a bit with revealing that she saw and heard the things exchanged with the hero and sister seven years ago. The hero goes pale of learning such news. The hero gets down on one knee to ask the heroine to marry him again. Before the heroine gives him a reply, she confesses to being the mystery girl and shocks the hero. The heroine and hero share a kiss with each other and make plans to begin their lives together.

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