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Jennie has a goal, and it’s a simple one: enjoy all that life has to offer, no matter how dangerous it might be. Roller-coaster rides, drinking too much and even losing her virginity one night at a bar are all checkpoints on her way to her goal. The night she attempts to lose her virginity, she finds the love of her life, Travis Wilde. At least, she thinks she does, but then he chastises her for her dangerous ways and sends her packing. Fate reunites Travis and Jennie, but tragedy might steal them away from one another yet again. When they get to talking, Jennie has an intense migraine. She has them frequently, to the point where she keeps medicine on her at all times. The migraines are just a symptom of the reason Jennie’s living life on the edge. Jennie doesn’t have much time left, but Travis just can’t accept that.

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becky's comment - July 26th, 2019

I was really touched when I see the hero loves the heroine so deeply that he is willing to make commitment to her even she may not have a chance to live .

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Loving lead male character 5  5

I love the story and how the lead male character was not a jerk. The art is beautiful. I love it.

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i shed my tears 5  5

I love this story so much. The way the hero treats the heroine really make me happy. The best part is that when the hero find out about the heroine sickness and how his distraught in finding the doctor for the heroine really make me shed my tears . But overall, its the best manga and i really recommend to rent.

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I liked it. 4  4

The heroine and hero meet in a bar and have a night that ends disastrously when the hero finds out that the woman is a virgin and he scolds her because she chose him to have him take her virginity when she hardly knew him at all. The heroine berates him for picking up girls and they leave on a bad note. It's obvious that their sour feelings from before have made a deep impact that is only resolved when they run into each other again. They come to an understanding and start a relationship. I liked how it went because of the two of them grow in their relationship with each other and learn new things. They have it well but there are concerning matters like the heroine's need to do thrilling activities like swimming with sharks and bungee jumping. The hero has no idea of why she would do them until his sister in law tells him that the heroine reveals that she has a tumor in her brain that the doctors say is untreatable and have given her a time limit. The heroine is distraught over it and tries to find doctors who can help save the heroine. It's very dramatic in a good sense and they are able to find a doctor who can surgically remove the tumor completely. Right before the surgery, they have a wedding and I found it to be very romantic as well. The next few scenes are frightening with the heroine in surgery and the hero waiting with his family to see her come out alive. The heroine makes it out alright bringing tears of joy from the hero and surprising news from the doctor of their new titles as soon to be parents. It's very emotional and was a definitely a good read to rent.

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