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Belinda Kelly didn’t have the most fun in high school. A little overweight and a lot bookish, Belinda was more interested in getting ready for law school than hitting the gym. Still, one boy saw through her glasses and peered into the sweet soul of the girl behind them. He always tried to help her out. Taking her to a dance turned disastrous, though, when his friends played a horrible prank on her. Ten years later, now going by Rachel, Belinda has transformed herself into a star lawyer who can turn anyone’s head. Her goal: destroy her high school date and the two friends who pranked her by teasing them with what they could have had but never will. Problem is, time changes people, and she may have picked the wrong target: the first man she chooses is the kind brother of her former tormentor!

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It's fun 3  3

It is an enjoyable and fun to read. It was cliche, but in a good way. The revenge plot isn't too bad, there is some redemption in characters which is nice to read. I definitely liked reading this, but it wasn't anything particularly special to me. Overall, would recommend!

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The heroine was an awkward teenager who was bullied throughout school. The biggest embarrassment was when a guy became nice to her then had her embarrassed in front of the whole school on prom night. She was so humiliated that she ran off to college and never returned. However, she comes back for her 10 year reunion in order to get the three men who bullied to fall in love her body then she'll embarrass them. She runs into the a man who she thinks the guy who invited her out to the dance and goes at it like rabbits. Only she learns the next morning that it's not one of her bullies but the bully's older brother. Imagine her shock at the news. The hero is also back in town but only for a little while, he has a bad relationship with his dad because his wife (the hero's mother) left him. After their passionate night, the hero is on the lookout for her. During his search, he learns from his brother the heroine's true identity and what the brother did. The brother states he didn't want to do it but was coerced by a bigger bully to do it. The hero gives him a good right hook and goes after the heroine. He finds her just in time as she's going for the big bully. He offers her his services of helping her in revenge if she lets his brother off the hook. Then he starts taking her around town to people who were concerned and kind to her mother and her. She even gets to meet another one of her bullies: he's a founder and a camp counselor for kids with problems. He wants to help these kids since he remembers being the bully and how he's regretted being one since. The heroine sees her revenge plans crumbling slowly but there's still the big jerk for her to deal with. She tells him off how much she hates him and walks away. The hero runs after her but it ends when the two reveal they weren't staying in town. During their separation, the hero's brother encourages him to see their father who actually is proud of the hero. The two meet and the father apologizes for hurting the hero, they actually sit down to talk and have a beer together. The brother also faces his own fear and goes to the heroine to apologize face to face (good for him). Later on, the heroine is cornered by the big bully who tries to rape her but the hero comes in and whacks the guy real good. After the police take the man away, the hero confesses his love and feelings to the heroine. It was a very cute ending and I liked it a lot.

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