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Juliet Zaccaro is getting a double dose of reality all in one day: she’s found out she’s pregnant on her wedding day. The problem is she doesn’t love the man she’s marrying, nor is the child his! When she leaves the groom at the altar, her sisters talk to an investigator they know from an ongoing fashion fraud case: Reid McCormack of McCormack Private Investigations. Reid will have no problem tracking down Juliet…since he’s been seeing her! Spurned during a previous attempt at marriage, Reid has considered the possibility that he may just not be marriage material, but with Juliet just as conflicted about her own marriage potential, the two might find that they have a good reason to stay together: after all, the kid is his! Is that enough for two people to fall in love, or do Juliet and Reid need more than a child before they can walk down the aisle?

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USA Today bestselling author Heidi Betts writes sexy, sassy, sensational romance. The recipient of several awards and stellar reviews, Heidi's books combine believable characters with compelling plotlines, and are consistently described as "delightful," "sizzling," and "wonderfully witty."

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I'm on the hero's side 2  2

The heroine is supposed to be level-headed sister of the three that run a business together but she has done some really dumb stuff. On the day of her wedding, she finds out that she's pregnant but the groom isn't the father but a man (the hero) whom she was secretly dating at the time she was engaged. So, she runs off and leaves the groom at the altar. Now, here's the funny thing; when the whole relationship comes out, the heroine and the sisters blame the hero for having an affair with an engaged woman but wait!! The heroine is the engaged woman having an affair, so she's equally to blame. Plus, the hero is a far better choice than the fiancee because he discovers that the man is being abusive with the heroine like bruises on the arm and such, in fact, he's the only one out of all the people who figures out that the heroine is being abused and offers to help her before they became an item in the first. Now, the heroine was a lawyer before she went into business with her sisters and as a lawyer, she had to have a mock trial or something that would have domestic abuse as a factor. Then there's the fact that when the heroine reveals her pregnancy to the hero, they get it confirmed. The hero proposes marriage as the most natural course of action but she rejects it and makes horrible comment despite knowing the history that hero had with the last woman who said she was pregnant with his child. Summary: the hero was in the army with a woman that he had a relationship with and she got pregnant. When she told the hero, he was happy about the kid and said they should get married. However, the woman rejected his marriage of living with a white picket fence, calls him a boring guy, and runs away from him. She avoids him when he tries to find her and the child. To me, that is so unfair because she had no right to do that to him or the child. Now, she's living the hero's dream with another man and the kid and when the hero finds them, he leaves them to let them have their happiness. Now, the heroine knows all of this and, while she understands the woman's actions for doing it, she just repeats the same thing instead of taking the initiative to tell the hero of what she really wants to hear. She tries to leave, telling the hero that he has nothing to do with it but he tries to offer help, child support payments, etc. Then she cuts him off and leaves; afterwards, she tells her sisters that he isn't interested in marriage or family, despite fact that the hero did propose marriage (it wasn't for the totally right reason) and he attempted to support the heroine in any way possible or want to make an involvement. The sisters are gunho against the hero and make him go on a wild goose chase to find the heroine. He wanted to tell her that he is in love with her. Once he finds her a few things are cleared up: 1) the heroine tells the fiancee's parents of his bad behavior and breaks off their engagement. 2) they confess their love. and 3) they get married in the end. I know that the hero didn't say the right things to the heroine when it came to the topic of her pregnancy and marriage but they were really being harsh on the hero whose good points outweighed his bad. I mean, far worse things have been said from the hero to the heroine when her pregnancy is discovered.

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