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Rebecca, a woman without a single relative, was raised with Fliss, another orphan, as sisters in the same foster family. They grew up together as close friends and started an event-planning company. Rebecca met Damon Asteriades, an important Greek businessman, at a wedding they were working and fell in love at first sight. But Damon believed the slander about her and, in the end, married Fliss… Four years later, Rebecca was raising a young boy when Damon showed up again…just as hateful as ever!

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Tessa Radley loves traveling, reading and watching the world around her. As a teen, Tessa wanted to be a foreign correspondent. But after completing a bachelor of arts degree and marrying her sweetheart, she ended up practicing as an attorney in a city firm. A break spent traveling through Australia re-awoke the yen to write. When she's not reading, traveling or writing, she's spending time with her husband, her two sons or her friends. Find out more at

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under the rumors lies the truth. 3  3

The hero doesn't think much of the heroine because he hears rumors of the heroine marrying a notorious bachelor and being involved with embezzlement and causing his death. So, he rudely ignores the heroine and turns his attention to her friend and plans to marry her. The heroine tries to tell the hero about her friend's relationship with her brother but he believes that she's breaking them up for her selfish reasons. So, he throws a check at her and tells her to stop seeing the friend. The last time they see each is at the hero's wedding, where the hero's mother comments that the hero made a stupid mistake of marrying the friend when he should have married the heroine. Now, after four years, the mother orders the hero (who was left by the friend the day their honeymoon ended) to bring the heroine back and have her plan out his younger brother's wedding. The heroine rejects it but agrees when she overhears the phone call between the hero and his mother of just how sick she really. He is surprised over the startling news of the heroine being a mother to a 3 year old little boy. I did like that we get to see the hero's thoughts on the heroine and how they change when he actually gets to know her and sees how good of a worker and mother she is. The hero still blames her for the last four years that made his life horrible but he apologizes for his rudeness and wants to get to know her better. The hero spends time with the heroine and the little boy and he grows more and more attached to them. He starts to see the the great quality of character that the heroine has. Then when the hero's mom makes a statement (she's lying to get things moving) that the little boy looks like the hero and the heroine together. So, the hero starts digging in, demanding to know and learns the truth. The little boy is the friend/hero's ex-wife and the heroine's brother who was in the wrong crowd then was fighting cancer. The friend married the hero because he was the symbol of stability that the friend who lived in foster care. However, when the brother's condition worsened, she realized that she was still in love with the brother and left the hero to be with the brother. Sadly, just when the brother is making a recovery and is discharged, he dies from a car accident. The heroine married the bachelor for the same reason the friend did but things did go so well. The hero handles the news pretty well and asks for some time to think but along his thinking, he researches to discover that the heroine's dead husband was found to be embezzling and he committed suicide. So, he goes back to the heroine to ask her an important question but she gives him the news that a recent DNA test proves that the little boy is the hero's son and she sets to leave them. The hero stops her and we have the huge I love you speech and the heroine says yes to the hero's proposal.

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