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Danielle “Dani” Hammond is a world-renowned jewelry designer, respected and awarded for her considerable skill by her peers…except for the ever-critical Quinn Everard. He’s one of Australia’s biggest gem brokers and never lets up on her work. Why, then, has Quinn come to her to create a piece using the Distinction Diamond, a legendary gem? Dani gets down to work without knowing that the recipient of her hard work will be herself! Still unsure why he would commit such a rare and elegant piece of jewelry to the hands of someone whose work he finds subpar, Dani can’t know the regret that lies in Quinn’s heart.

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The heroine is a jewelry designer whose designs are negatively criticized by the hero, a big name gem broker. She rejects till he brings up her cousin's wedding of being bombarded with paparazzi that will have rumors pop, especially about her mother. He becomes further involved when she finds the gem is a legendary yellow diamond but she has to work at the hero's mansion. During the few weeks, the heroine learns the reason her uncle (the father from the last two novels and guy who was in an affair with competitor's wife) held such hate towards the hero was because even after buttering him up, the hero didn't vote for him to be a president for the diamond association. That one vote cost him where he made sure the hero didn't have any access that were mined by his company and she doesn't discover until later that her good uncle whispered ugly rumors to the hero's in-laws that he was a horrible person and wouldn't visit his wife when the tumor in her brain was discovered or in her final moments. Sadly, the heroine also learns that the hero didn't hire her because she had talent but it was by request of the client; although, he told the client that he didn't want to hire her a thousand times. That just puts salt on the wounds after opening up what rumors about her being the uncle's lovechild got her when her ex-fiancee finally got it through his head that the heroine wasn't getting any of the uncle's assets and he sued for deceiving him. After while, she meets the hero's foster parents who are a treat and when they leave, the hero apologizes for his words from the other day and states that he does care about her. Yet, the hero holds secrets about the heroine and feels the weight of it pulling him down. He does help with keeping the paparazzi off the cousin's wedding day and the heroine asks what's wrong and he reveals in strict confidence that one of his very rich friends could be the lost son but they're not sure without a DNA but someone in the Blackstone family is leaking information and pulling up fronts in front of the friend. The reader sees the hero's thoughts like how he is in love with her and how on the day they are presenting the gift to the client, he'll betray her in the worst way possible. Boy, the was the heroine shocked when she gives the gift to the client only to have it given to her because it was for her since the man reveals to be her father. It a real shock for the heroine and a stab to the heart when he reveals the uncle threatened him to never show himself to the heroine and her mother because having relations with the opposition party would have looked bad for the uncle. He never stopped thinking about her or her mother but he's running out of time and wanted to apologize before he passed away. The heroine is so distraught and hurt that she rejects her birth father and his gift then runs off. She rejects the hero who tries to stop and gives herself some time to clear her head and realize she never really listened and her words might have actually hurt him physically. She's quickly found by the hero who takes her to the hospital's intensive care unit where the birth father is in and she apologizes. He wakes up and they start on step one. Later that night, the hero and heroine take a walk on the beach where the hero apologizes for deceiving her and that he will love and treasure for the rest of his life because she's made a permanent place in his heart. He asks her to marry him and she responds with yes.

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