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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!

I'm frightened of my past. Nobody can know about it, least of all you...

At the auction hall, Christine frowned when she realized who’d won the item she was bidding on. It was Jack Thorne, a man who liked to toy with people! With his wealth and reputation, he could obtain any woman he wanted, so it was strange that he spent his time making fun of Christine. She used to like him, but admitting that to anyone was out of the question. When Jake approached Christine with a mischievous smile, he had to be plotting something. And sure enough, he offered her the item she was bidding on, but only if she entertained his outrageous request…

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a box to bring them together. 4  4

The hero and heroine are in a bickering relationship that started with the hero sneaking out of the hospital to drink beer, having his twin brother take his place. The heroine was his nurse who fell in love with him till she found the hero's twin in the hospital bed and what he went to do. His reckless caused this heroine to fall back because she's scared of his behavior. However, the hero has taken every opportunity of when meeting the heroine to tease and goad her. It goes to the point of him getting the item piece she needs at an auction and his price is a date with her at the gala. The heroine rejects his offer but reconsiders and accepts it because that piece would help her in the history of a great outlaw woman. The heroine doesn't know what to make of the hero despite her friend stating that he's interested in her and using the box to pull her in. In fact, she pushes the idea the idea of him attracted to her as impossible because his ex wife was a hottie. Yet, they go out to dinner before the gala and have a wonderful time. That is until the ambitious OW comes clinging on, making eyes, and cozying up to the hero. The hero rejects her causing the woman to make some under hidden remarks about the hero's business. She leaves and the hero expresses his distaste towards the OW and her tactics but their night ends with the both of them being flustered from the kiss they shared. The next morning, the heroine goes to the hero with the request that he teach her how to live life more happily. He agrees and during these teachings, they learn more and more about each other but their short romance ends when the heroine discovers the hero's plan to run for mayor and she's upset that he didn't tell her. Then the hero is called away on a dangerous job, so dangerous that they run on television where the heroine finds out. She rushes to the scene and when she finds the hero, she confesses of how scared she was to lose him but leaves him. The hero goes to see the heroine and leaves her a message all over her walls. It's quite romantic and the words reach the hero. He asks her to marry him and she accepts.

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