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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!

Why is my husband trying to chain me to a loveless marriage?

Two years ago, Rachel happened to walk in on her husband, Ben, and their babysitter in bed together. And Ben had the temerity to claim he hadn’t cheated on her! Since then, they’ve been living separately, but now Rachel’s boyfriend has asked her to move in together. It seems like it’s time for Rachel to move on, so she asked Ben for a divorce. She wants to marry Simon and settle down for the sake of her young daughter, but Ben’s refusing her request!

About the Author

Anne Mather always wanted to write. For years she wrote only for her own pleasure, and it wasn’t until her husband suggested that she ought to send one of her stories to a publisher that they put several publishers’ names into a hat and pulled one out. The rest as they say in history. 150 books later, Anne is literally staggered by the result! Her email address is and she would be happy to hear from any of her readers.

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Trust and fact 4  4

This brought up a good story with the title being on target with the hero and heroine. Chronologically, it starts out after the heroine's miscarriage where she feels useless, in pain, and needs to do something. She tells the hero she wants to work and he lets her. It's healing but there's still no communication between the two. Then he hires a maid to help the heroine around, only she comes home to find the hero and the maid in bed with the hero sleeping and the maid spouting lies about them being together and she's pregnant with his baby. That knocks the heroine down to level zero in everything. She doesn't believe the hero's word and kicks him out of her life. Two years pass with divorce proceedings dragging along and the heroine dealing with everyone (except her new beau) to talk to the hero about what happened. The heroine can't even say the woman's name or even think of the incident without rushing to the toilet to vomit. I believe the vomit thing to be true but I feel like the heroine resisting is because of her pain and pride. I mean, if she wanted to prove to the people around her the hero did cheat then she needed to get the facts like finding the maid but she refuses. The hero tries to help her along with piecing the clues together but she refuses to have anything to do with him. He gives up for a while and it does break the heroine's heart. Then she goes out with her beau and she listens to how he talks about the plans that go totally against everything they've talked. Examples: the heroine working at her job (he says she'll be working and learning from his mother), daughter going to school (he believed she meant boarding school), waiting to till she's fully divorced (he couldn't wait to pull her on the bed then get caught by the mother). The list goes on and the heroine sees that this guy isn't taking into account of anything she says like the hero did. Now, she decides to break up with him and he brings along flowers as an apology but keeps blathering on. In fact, it's his big fat mouth that reveals everything. He practically he says he knew the hero was innocent because he remembers the maid got pregnant from her previous establishment's eldest son but wanted a celebrity like the hero rather than the eldest son. It explains everything to the heroine whose lightbulb finally lights up. She tells him that they're over and he insults her a lot and she leaves to cry her heart out of losing the hero and not believing in him. She doesn't have the courage to go after him but he does when she takes a fall. When he comes, she cries into his arms, apologizing for not believing in him, and they finally have the sit down to talk. They go over everything that happened between them and realizing the miscommunication and more. She decide to give their marriage another go and it ends happily.

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