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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

Can a multimillionaire and a waitress fall in love?

Cynthia is a country girl from England visiting a childhood friend in New York. Even though she attends parties along with famous celebrities, she hasn’t been influenced by their behavior or their way of thinking. At one of these parties she takes a break on the balcony, where she runs into a silver-eyed, handsome man. Initially awkward, they eventually become comfortable talking to each other. He finds Cynthia’s personality refreshing. Little does she know that this stranger is the world-famous Lucian Steele! Although they live in completely different worlds, fate has brought them together. Are wedding bells in their future?

About the Author

Carole Mortimer was born in England, the youngest of three children. She began writing in 1979, and has now written over one hundred and seventy books for Harlequin Mills and Boon®. Carole has six sons, Matthew, Joshua, Timothy, Michael, David and Peter. l

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waiting was worth it 4  4

The storyline was pretty fast but I really liked that they waited for the whole bedroom scene till the heroine felt better about their relationship with the hero saying, " Okay, I'll wait till you're ready." One of the other things like liked that even with the special and fancy parties; the hero and heroine did simple things to progress their relationship from cooking together to simply talking. It made it feel more alive. It was a good story to read.

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Kudos to the girl, but it was close! 4  4

SPOILER ALERT: The heroine is a waitress from the countryside who has come to New York to stay a few days with a childhood friend who’s now an actor in a major TV show. He’s not quite the friend she remembers, and it just confirms that any lingering romantic feelings she might have had, have nowhere to go as he dresses her up and takes her to ostentatious parties, but then leaves her feeling isolated and alone while he goes off to network. This party is no different as so she removes herself to a quiet balcony, where she is joined by a handsome man (the hero) in a tux. They chat, and he makes an invitation, but she declines and makes her way back to the party to find her friend. She says he wants to leave, and her friend has a meltdown and treats her aggressively. The hero comes to her rescue and after she accepts his escort home, he confronts the friend – as his boss. The friend had been put on behavior probation six months ago but his behavior and drugs have grown worse. His treatment of the heroine was the last straw. Expect punishment. The hero then attempts to bring the heroine to his penthouse, or at the very least a room in the hotel beneath it since she can’t stay with her friend anymore. She refuses his charity, even after finding out he is a mega-millionaire who owns several corporations and insists drop her off near some cheap hotels as they pass through a rough part of town. Unable to dissuade her, the hero obeys, marveling at the fact her attitude didn’t change when she learned his identity, and then, unbeknownst to her, he puts a guard on her door. After a rough night in a putrid room dreaming of being assaulted, being greeted by the hero’s bodyguard with her luggage – collected by the hero who went to confront her friend – inclines her to finally accept the hero’s offer. When she arrives at his office, she pops in to say, ‘thanks’ and promise to pay him back for the room, but he wants a kiss instead and isn’t taking no for an answer. He wants it to go further, but she stops it and he apologizes, and “challenges” her to dinner in his penthouse instead. She accepts despite knowing where it will likely lead – she can’t deny her attraction, despite the reports that he’s your typical playboy. That evening, instead of dressing her up and taking her somewhere, he has her make the salad while he cooks, and after a companionable evening he begins his seduction with, ‘you can leave if you want; I won’t stop you,’ but, of course, she doesn’t. They don't get far, however, before they are interrupted. Her friend is downstairs making a scene. The hero goes to confront him, and the heroine insists on going with. The friend sees her and starts spewing vile accusations about the hero, and process letting slip she’s a virgin. She’s ready to write the hero off and go home, but he says he can explain and she actually stops to listen. He begs for another chance. Before she goes home, he sets out to see that she has some fun in NY. He dresses her up and takes her to a party where he dotes on her. Afterward, although he botches it a bit, he purposes. She’s not convinced he’s serious and won’t agree, but he’s out to prove it. She goes back to school and waitressing in the country and he visits her every week. It takes time, but she finally realizes she wants to say yes, and the last few pages are the wedding where we find out just how dedicated he was. She insisted they wait, and HE DID! I thought that was the best part of the whole story. She almost slipped, but after realizing her mistake, she really put him to the test, and he showed his devotion by respecting her decision! Virginity is something you can only give once, and it should be saved for the right person, and given at the right time! I enjoyed the art, and glad it’s in my library now (on sale) as I suspect I’ll want to read it again.

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