Pure Romance A GEM OF A GIRL

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Will Gemma find love when she least expects it?

Nurse Gemma was left in charge of her younger siblings after their parents died in an accident. And though she doesn’t think she’s particularly beautiful, she is smitten by a handsome Dutch professor named Ross, who makes her heart skip. Then he asks Gemma to take care of his sick sister and to go to Holland with him! His family is welcoming and his sister is beautiful. And men have started asking Gemma out! But they’re not the only ones paying attention—Ross is watching her closely, too.

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becky's comment - May 17th, 2019

This is not a typical harlequin story but it is one of the most romantic from my point of view.The heroine is a plain and fat girl who devotes herself to her family and work and never dreamed of being loved by someone,I'm so glad that she found the hero who treasures her beautiful and generous heart and sincerely loves her.

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She's not skinny or slim but she's gorgeous!!! 5  5

I really liked the heroine in this one because not only is she a hardworking girl who takes care of her orphaned siblings and the patients under her care with all her heart but she's not some slim girl who looks like she's never had a milkshake. She's full of generous beauty, something that the hero can see but he fails to find the right words or convey his feelings to the heroine. It's quite funny for me. I liked the hero because he's such a helpful guy, for example, when he first meets the heroine, he helps her with the laundry. I mean that is so sweet of him. Afterwards, the two meet at work and see each other's dedication but their time at the hospital ends shortly with a fire. However, the hero asks the heroine to come to Holland to be a caretaker for his sister. It's there that she meets the hero's family and faces the obstacles of love when the hero's brother comes into the picture. The heroine handles the hero's partly spoiled younger sister so well that they develop a friendly relationship. Now, there was something I knew that the hero's brother wasn't for the heroine. So, he takes the heroine out for a night of clubbing and she has fun for a bit. However, the next day, he wants her to meet all her friends, even though she wanted to go see the windmills and the Rembrandt art, the touristy things. Okay, the windmills may be touristy but the art is in a museum, which is visited by everyone like the locals, so not just touristy. He doesn't think of the heroine's desire or even comprise with her. Then his friends are trying to embarrass the heroine with a drink and the broth is in on a bet the heroine falling for the brother or not. So, the hero is there to comfort and defend the heroine from the mean fiends and the dumb brother. I found it to be very romantic. I loved the ending and the story. For me, it was a definite book worth renting.

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