Passion Romance GUILTY PASSION

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Can Rebecca trust her instincts? Is Benedict the one for her?

Twenty-two-year-old Rebecca has just graduated from university with top grades. One day, she comes across Benedict, a gorgeous anthropologist with beautiful golden-brown eyes who’s much older than she. Her close friends warn her that he’s a complicated man, but Rebecca sticks to her instincts, telling herself that she won’t regret anything even if she gets hurt. Benedict escorts her like a gentleman, and things go well for the couple. Little does young Rebecca know that there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye…

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Just make up your mind, Please!! 2  2

When I read this, I felt that comparison from the hero's behavior and actions to that of a kid who wants a new toy but grows so bored of so quickly. Then there is the fact that there was just no getting through to him at all. So, to summarize for about the first fifty pages: the heroine meets a guy who sweeps her off her feet. They go out, have dinner and spend a wonderful time together. Despite words of caution from friends, the heroine dives head first into this romance but after their bout of coitus, she hits her head hard against the bottom floor. It turns out the whole thing was the hero getting revenge on his dearly departed brother who "committed suicide" because the heroine who was his girlfriend at the time, dumped him. He goes on the word of his mother and the newspapers that dubbed the heroine as a Petite Lolita and the probable cause for him driving his car off the cliff. The heroine is of course horrified but tells the hero to take a look at his brother's autopsy report. Apparently, the heroine met the brother in the summer before she was starting college. She became the ears for the brother to lean on since his father's recent passing and his mother's grief had left her unable to pay attention to him as well as his brother's constant absence. Sadly, as much as they had a wonderful time, the brother discovered that he had a brain tumor that gave him very little time on earth. Despite the heroine's assurances to keep writing and hopefully keep him going, it hemorrhaged on his brain when he was driving and caused his crash. After his death, the heroine is labeled as the cause by a newspaper who knew nothing of the disease and forces the heroine to hide from society. The hero and heroine don't see each other for five years till the heroine runs into the hero with her class of teenagers at a school field trip. The hero pushes for a chance to talk to the heroine privately and finds one for a nice dinner with just the two of them. The hero talks about her not forgiving him when he just sent her a letter but the heroine claims that she never received a letter, most likely because she moved a couple of time. The hero apologizes for what he did five years ago, going by his mother's word and not reading the autopsy. It was a good apology that the heroine forgives him. He offers them a chance to be good friends but he wants more than just friends in their relationship. From then on, it goes all downhill because the hero learns from one of the heroine's students of her status as a single mother. He goes straight after the heroine with torches and all about how she hid his son from him even after she received his letter (The man has clearly lost his sense of memory because she told him that she never got his letter and even had a valid reason why). Now, it's all blackmail, battle of custody, and the usual "I'll take you to court" with the only other option of till death do we part bondage for the heroine. And the hero plays hardball in this one, he doesn't let up, GIVES her ORDERS, and gives himself the image of a complete jerk to the heroine.The heroine agrees to the marriage when she's backed into a corner then it gets worse with the new order of the bro telling her to quit her job in order to pay more attention to his son. He's also jealous of another man because of how the little boy talks about him, not even giving the heroine a chance to explain that he's a family friend who has his own wife and child. He's just putting up the walls around the heroine, doesn't give up till after they have coitus then it's flip flop attitude for the man. I mean 180 degree turn around that you wouldn't recognize him. He pulls this defeated speech about hurting the heroine, never should have married her, and how he'll pay for child support but asks for permission for occasional visits. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This is exactly what I said at the top, I mean it's so ridiculous and tiring for me. To summarize the ending: the hero gets sick with the heroine playing nurse. Then the heroine admits to being in fall with the hero as well as the hero admits to being in love with the heroine even from five years ago. Little boy comes in and it becomes a picture of a happy family. For me, it was just exhausting with how it went and it really didn't satisfy me.

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