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I don’t need the love of my childhood crush. With this plan, I’ll find happiness on my own!

Tomboy Katie Malloy was neighbor to Sean Fitzpatrick and his brothers…and effectively an adopted member of their family. Kate and Sean have spent the past two decades as best friends, supporting one another in their various relationships and life goals. Now, as they near their thirties, Sean is a successful private investigator in business with his brothers. And Katie? She wants to have a child, and she has a list of potential fathers for Sean to investigate. While Sean will investigate three potential baby daddies, he just has to know whose were the other two names that Katie struck from her list. One was his brother with whom she broke things off. The other was Sean himself. Would Sean want to be the father of Katie’s child? Katie’s been like a sister to him all these years, but maybe their friendship has been hiding something more…

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can of worms 4  4

The heroine asks the hero who's a private investigator and a friend since childhood find a potential sperm donor because going to a sperm bank costs a lot of money with her salary as a nursery teacher and her insurance won't cover it. So, she's got three men listed for the hero to look int. The hero is against the whgleidea but he later agrees to help the heroine. It makes sense of why the heroine wants a baby but not the husband since her last two engagements with men needed in disaster; the first was a charter and the second was a compulsive gambler. Funnily enough, the whole thing opened a can of worms for both characters. The hero finds from his investigation that the first man is secretly married with kids and got a vasectomy. The second was a known womanizer who couldn't care less about any child he fathered but was more than happy to hop into bed to make one. During these investigations, the hero finds that he can't stop being the heroine as a woman than a childhood friend. The heroine held a torch for the hero a long time ago but she tried to end it with how he went about with other woman. In fact, her friendship with the hero threatens his relationship with his current girlfriend who's a real piece of work. I mean she tries all she can to break the hero and heroine apart but the two of them pull through in the end. The hero also realizes that he wats to be the father of her baby and more. After the hero admits his feelings, the two fall into baed (this is after the hero breaks up with the OW) for a passionate night. There is one more bump from the OW but a trip to the hospital has the two of them confront their feelings for each other as well as opening them up. It was a very lovely confession & it was better with news of a baby on the way.

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