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A millionaire, a widow and a mutual lust for solitude.

Perla’s husband, who tormented her with lies and treachery, had just died, and for one night she wanted to forget everything. She met a man at a bar and gave him her virginity, something her husband never wanted. They spent a passionate evening together and forgot all their worries—they didn’t even tell one another who they were. Eventually, Perla realizes that the man, Arion, is a Greek millionaire and an executive at the company where her husband was employed. They reunite at his funeral, both dressed for mourning…but perhaps Perla will find joy again one day.

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What The Greek Can't Resist 5  5

I loved the story

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Not too big about both widow 3  3

This one was okay but not one of the best because while it did hold my attention, it was really a bit boring. Not even the amount of explicit hot scenes helped. So, the hero and heroine are widows, trying to forget the pain in their life (the hero is still hurt of his wife's death then later to be revealed that she was pregnant & the heroine over her husband). It doesn't help that not long after their night, they meet again at the funeral of the heroine's dead husband who worked for the hero and head a bad name. Their reunion goes south and they don't see each other till the heroine comes to ask for the family benefits the husband should have been entitled to after his death in order to support her in-laws who treated her like she was their own daughter before the husband even married her. The hero tells her that she can't because the husband signed off his right in order to get more money for himself and his debauchery ways. However, he gives the heroine a job and it's the start of their personal to professional then back to personal relationship once more. It gets awkward from here because the heroine discovers that the dead wife had the same exact hair as she did and from then on till later, believes the hero is only having a physical relationship because of her alikeness to the dead woman. Later, the heroine discovers her pregnancy and the hero discovers in the worst way when she tells the doctor with the hero right next to her. The relationship takes a turn for the worse with the hero putting out the whole statement of them being obligated to marry for the child. The heroine rejects it because her last marriage was horrible. She reveals to the hero that the husband was using in order to hide his homosexuality from everyone else. He never touched, ran off to Asia with his lover, and died in an overdose rather than what the parents are lead to believe. The hero is able to persuade the heroine to agree with the marriage, despite that there will be no love for her and she agrees. Yet, when she discovers a memory stick that shows videos taken by the dead wife of the hero smiling at her, a smile that the heroine has never seen before. So, she goes to the hero to cancel the wedding and hand in her resignation. The hero demands to know why and she knows him the memory stick. She also tells him that she can take a loveless marriage but she won't have her baby be a substitute for the hero's lost child, the child he was having with the wife. The child is hers and his, nothing more. Plus, if the child grew up seeing itself as a substitute then it will be miserable. She leaves telling the hero that she loves him. We fast forward two months later with the heroine working at a new job and living with the in-laws are who jumping with glee of having a grandchild. She comes home to find the hero having tea with the mother and the news that he's moving here. When she's alone with him, she demands to know what's going on. The hero reveals that he looked a t the video but all he felt was nostalgia, not sadness. He says that he didn't think of the past but of what if future with the questions about the heroine and their kid. He also reveals that he started looking at the heroine as herself, falling in love with her image rather than putting the ghost of his wife onto her. The time they spent apart made him realize that he wants to be with the heroine. His speech touches her heart and when he asks her to marry him, she agrees. That's the end, with no baby and that's why I gave it a three star. I found the speech to be lovely but everything before it made it rather hard.

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