Romantic Suspense OUT OF DANGER

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My best friend was murdered, and I’m the next target!

“Find Quent Yerby.” Those were the last words of Rebecca’s friend before she died. Quent was the uncle of Rebecca’s late friend’s son, Josh, and his only living relative. When Rebecca finally found Quent, he was sexy and muscular, a man among men. His was exactly the opposite of the calm lifestyle Rebecca wanted. Surprisingly, he opposed the idea of Rebecca adopting Josh permanently. And little did she know that the menacing hand that had killed her friend was coming for her next…

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becky's comment - October 18th, 2019

The story is more like a suspense than a romance, but I enjoyed it a lot. I admire herorine's courage and strength and totally understand why the hero fell for her.

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So very suspenseful 5  5

Now, this was a good one with new theme to it all. The heroine is a caseworker who goes to the hero to ask him if he will sign over his right as a blood relative to his recently orphaned nephew that he had no idea about of his horrible younger brother. Now, the hero learns that the boy has suffered a serious trauma and I mean: needs some major hugs seriousness. The heroine is a caseworker who let the boy's mom stay when her exboyfriend became too violent. Unfortunately, the ex found the mom and beat her to death right in front of the seven year old son. The heroine comes in when he's there and he's about to do the same when the neighbors come calling. He sprints off and leaves the heroine to hold the woman as she dies. I liked their personalities of how they clashed against each other. So, the hero decides to see the little boy, despite his reservation to do so because the boy is his brother's son who slept with the hero's previous wife. The brother was just a pathetic man because he was spoiled but when he was caught by the hero in bed with the hero's wife, he made the stupid excuse of how he's always getting the hero's leftovers. That means diddly squat because you're in the wrong since you slept with your brother's WIFE and betrayed him. Yet, before any papers can be signed, the heroine and the little boy are stalked by the maniac of an ex outside the grocery store and their home. The situation becomes serious with rocks thrown at the windows. The heroine and boy are requested to move in with the hero. Now, the little boy is still traumatized by big men, making it hard for the hero to interact with him; it doesn't help that the hero has a loud voice that makes the kid shiver and hide. So, their awkward life together begins but they start growing closer and closer. They become so close that the little boy starts smiling and talking again. The hero and heroine also open up as well about their pasts. However, the dark cloud of the ex hangs over their heads and we get to some really intense scenes. I won't reveal what exactly happens but they get the awful insane man put away for life. The hero and heroine plan to marry but they adopt the little boy first. It's really a nice romance, despite the amount of suspense.

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