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I have to pretend to be lovers with my least favorite stepbrother, but…what if I actually develop feelings for him?

Ellie goes to see her family in Capri to celebrate her stepbrother Luke’s engagement…but what the rest of the family doesn’t know is that Luke is also her ex! It’s hard to keep her spirits up, hanging out at the resort alone. Ellie is afraid Luke will think she’s not over him, and when no one is looking, Luke keeps hitting on her. Ellie is in a tough spot, so in order to deter Luke, she pretends to be dating her other stepbrother, Jack, even though she can't stand him! But soon their pretend kisses become real, and being with Jack makes her heart pound. What on earth is she feeling for him?

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Not a lot of secrets here... 2  2

... except the one the heroine is keeping from her family. SPOILER ALERT: Her secret? That she was sleeping with one of her step brothers after her family warned her off. She was young, thought she was in love, he turned out to be scum and she broke it off. The guy was cheating on her left and right, but has the gall to be angry at her. They are reunited when she comes to his engagement party so she can prove she's over him and wish him good riddance, I mean, congratulations. That's when stepbrother #2 (the hero), who is usually belittling her and picking fights, comes up with the brilliant idea of her proving she's over stepbrother #1 by acting like she's having a fling with him. She's not too thrilled with the idea, but when engaged stepbrother #1 starts getting handsy and saying she's still his, the plan starts looking better and better. That and the hero isn't really giving her the option to say, 'no' even though he's supposed to have this long term unrequited love that won't let him love anyone else. It's supposed to be a secret that he's in love with her, but to the reader it becomes pretty obvious pretty quick that the 'act' is just an excuse. In fact, she's really the only one who doesn't know who he's in love with. So the act gets more intimate, the first stepbrother gets more possessive, and she finally join's the hero in bed, realizing who she really loves. To be fair, she trys to come clean after a passionate bout of BBV (Bed Before Vows), but the hero tells her the past doesn't matter. At least until stepbrother #1, raging because she absolutely refused him, diliberately tells the hero how he took her purity and taught her all she knows. He gets punched for his vindictive boasting, and the hero tells her she should have told him. Ummm, she tried... but she doesn't remind him of that. She makes an opportunity to talk to him and tell him everything, and he's gone the next morning without, even, a goodbye. 2 sad weeks pass and then he pops up on her doorstep and we get a happy reunion once he realizes she seriously loves him. As BBV stories go, it wasn't bad, but I just don't enjoy these sorts of stories. There are potential long term RL ramifications to such behavior and that is not even including the possibility of STDs. I really dislike how stories promote it as a way to find love when, realisticly, its more likely to interfere. This is not the sort of story I would pick out to buy or even rent. It showed up in the monthly assortment, and I'm glad it will be leaving.

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