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Janna was completely captivated by a man from the desert…

Janna, who works as a secretary for a temperamental author, is on a research trip with her boss when she meets a beautiful man at a hotel on the Cote d’Azur. The black-eyed stranger strikes her as arrogant, and she learns that he is the prince of a country called El Amara. He already knows about Janna’s background and asks her to go on a date. She doesn’t know what to do, so she accepts his offer, deciding to pursue the fabulous night of her dreams. But she never imagined she’d be taken to a palace in the desert and forced to play the role of his fiancée!

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Yeah, there were some certain things that didn't make sense as to why the hero did the things that he did. So, the hero and heroine meet when the heroine is getting away from her tyrannical novelist boss and sees the hero with a crying woman who turns out to be his cousin. The heroine comes to the assumption that the hero and this OW are an item, in fact, she still thinks the hero is in love with the OW despite the hero stating that the OW is his cousin and she's a widow. He invites her to dinner even sends her a beautiful dress that she wears with one of the old hag's discarded shawls. They have a lovely walk and beginning of dinner where the hero reveals that he's come to the heroine with a proposal. He wants the heroine to impersonate his fiancee who ran off two years ago in order to appease his grandmother. Then there's the matter that if the ex-fiancee's betrayal is revealed then the OW who's the half sister of the ex-fiancee will lose her pension to support her children. This is where the heroine comes to the assumption that the hero loves the OW in a romantic way rather he only cares for her in a family way. The heroine rejects the proposal but when she goes back to the room, it's the scene from Disney's 1950 of Cinderella where the stepsister discard the materials Cinderella uses for her dress. Yet, when they discover she was using the discarded items, they go at her and it's no different from what the boss does. She fires the heroine and kicks her right out of the room. The heroine has no where to go except for the hero but he gives her the option of going along with his plan but he calls it a joke. However, the heroine accepts the proposition. There was one positive aspect: walking out the door with the boss gasping at the heroine walking in arm with a celebrity. Once they're there, there is a situation at the market but it dies down quickly when the hero is there. They spend some time together out in the desert but when they arrive at the grandmother's home, it gets weird. The hero introduces the heroine as the heroine herself to the grandmother. When the two are alone, the heroine demands to know what is going on and the hero states that it was never his plan to have her impersonate the ex-fiancee. His demeanor turns cold and he tells her to stop yapping. I was thinking, "what the heck is going on??"The heroine has to get all her information from the grandmother and the hero's other cousin who tells her the ex-fiancee wanted the hero's title but he didn't want to marry her. The cousin also states how the heroine is just the perfect person for the hero to marry and even says that the ring she's wearing is proof. The heroine also learns from the duchess herself that she knew what was going on the whole time. Later on, the heroine is greeted by the hero who's all smiles and I'm thinking, "what bolt of lightening shocked your attitude change,". Now, they talk things out and the heroine learns the hero has been in love with her and has wanted to take her to his country. We get this ending full of stars and kisses but I'm sitting here wondering what was going on in the hero's head when he came up with this shenanigan. Why did he have to lie to her about this plot when he could have taken her out for coffee or given her a job of being the cousin's companion. It's really a pain in the neck.

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