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Did he have to respond so cruelly when I told him about my pregnancy?

Alicia, Dex’s secretary, is pregnant with his baby, and the reality seems quite cold. She isn’t special to him. She never feels any love for her when they have sex. She’s the only one who’s drowning in love. All he thinks about is how to make his company more successful. And when she tells him she’s pregnant, a cruel, insulting reaction is all she can hope for.

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To bring together 4  4

Our main couple is in a business/personal relationship that's about to go on a 180 degree turn from their lives. The heroine discovers she's pregnant and tells the hero who was the one who tell her beforehand that he won't marry because he lost his fiancee in a car accident on the way to the chapel. There's also OM (good one) and OW (bad one), who are the image that the hero and heroine think the other person is with. After the heroine learns about the hero not loving her and wanting a family, as well as pushing her to go with the OM (childhood friend like a brother from when they were orphans). When the heroine tells the hero of his impending fatherhood, he tries to give her support and more but she puts a stop sign to all his attempts. The hero pulls out his final card of marrying the heroine for the baby but she rejects his first proposal. However, the next evening, he convinces her to marry him. So, when they're beginning to plan for their new lives together, the OW begins planning to break them apart. The heroine finds out that the OW had a hand in choosing the ring, the house, and more. Now, what I liked about this comic was seeing both sides of the story with them struggling to understand each other and their own feelings. As the months go on, the heroine finds that the hero and the OW look good together as well as hearing from other people that they thought the OW was the hero's wife because she called herself his partner (misdirection). Then the OW confronts the heroine and chases her away with the threat that if the hero chooses the baby over her then she'll destroy their contract. The heroine can't let it happen and runs to the OM for help who gets her a modeling job in a maternity magazine. After two months of radio silence, the heroine finds the hero standing outside her from door. It's a conversation that goes wrong but not as wrong as the heroine finding a big and most likely venomous snake sitting in her passenger seat (It's Australia and they come up under the car.) She panics, causes the car to crash, and ends up in a unconscious state. The hero rushes to the hospital and breaks down in tears when the heroine wakes up after two days of unconsciousness. It's a scary moment for the two of them because they don't know how the baby is doing. It opens up their feelings and thoughts to one another. The hero says that he's never been in love with the OW and after the heroine left, she has been aggressively trying to get the hero back to her. It was so bad, that he threatened a lawsuit over sexual harassment. They confess their love and start passionately kissing each when the nurse comes in. She gives the good news that the baby is doing fine and they hold each other happily. We have the epilogue where the heroine is pregnant with a little girl and the hero and their son are outside with her on a backyard picnic. It's a very adorable scene, I found it to be enjoyable.

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