Historical Romance NORWYCK'S LADY

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Is the man I love really my family’s enemy?

When she woke up, she realized she didn’t remember anything. She couldn’t remember who she was, where she was going or where she had been when she blanked out. Fortunately for her, she ended up at Earl Norwyck’s castle—a storm had destroyed her boat, and the earl had found her stranded and taken her home. This woman, now going by Marguerite, finds herself attracted to the calm yet caring earl. And, despite his suspicion that she is lying about her amnesia and has come to spy, the earl decides to kiss her.

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who's the real enemy 4  4

The hero discovers a shipwrecked heroine who suffers from amnesia but her condition does nothing to soften his hardness against any woman. This is due to the fact that his wife had an affair with his hated family enemy who used her to set a trap that killed his older brother the heir and many of their knights. The enemy lover leaves her and she dies calling him out. So, the hero has to deal with a clan hurt from the transgressions against. The heroine has no clue as to who she is but she makes herself useful around the castle, bringing a smile to everyone's face and even bring the hero's smile out. The hero slowly warms up to her as well as his sisters but when things start to go well, she remembers who she is. She is the ex-lover's sister who was sent away to France in order to hide her from her father and brother's evil rule by her mother. However, the brother used his rule to force the heroine back to marry an awful man in order to fuel his ambitious desires. That's how she was in the shipwreck but she wishes she was back there because she knows how much hatred the hero bears and how he becomes deaf to reason when the family name is mentioned. She does open up to the hero's adviser and asks him in confidence not to say anything, which he agrees to. Sadly, the hero and heroine fall deeply in love with each other that the hero wants to keep the heroine by his side. That is until he learns of her family name and it's chaos from there on. He won't believe a word the heroine says, even blames her for the kidnapping of his younger sister. The heroine has no idea where the little girl is till she follows some suspicious individuals that lead her to the captured girl. She is able to free the girl who ends up getting caught herself and sent back to both horrible brother and fiancée. Once there, they try to force her into a marriage but she runs to the ramparts where the fiancée tries to break her will but he's killed with an arrow straight through the brain. The little girl luckily made it in time to tell the hero what happened as well as the adviser telling him the heroine's side of the story. He realizes his mistakes and gets a band of men to rescue the heroine. They break down the walls and beat the brother's men, more easily than usual because the brother ran off to leave his men to die. The hero asks the heroine to forgive him and if she accepts his forgiveness then he would like her to be his lawfully wedded wife. The heroine happily accepts and we skip to a medieval wedding ceremony. It was quite an interesting read, despite the hero's stubborn nature.

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