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She never planned to play her boss’s games!

Elizabeth used to love her job. Her previous boss, Ron, was a caring man who loved his employees. Unfortunately, Ron passed away and his son, the infamous corporate raider Charles, took over the company. Elizabeth knew Charles was very different from his father, but when he denied her a raise to help pay for her son’s tuition, she knew that he was the complete opposite of the loving and caring Ron. One night on her way home, Elizabeth finds Charles stranded on the side of the road and offers to give him a ride. Realizing that she is running late, she drags Charles along to her son’s hockey game. Before long Elizabeth and Charles’s relationship begins to grow and Charles shows more and more interest in the lives of his employees. Yet Charles is still secretly working on a plan to sell the company!

About the Author

Barbara Wallace can’t remember when she wasn’t dreaming up love stories in her head, so writing romances for Harlequin is a dream come true. Happily married to her own Prince Charming, she lives in New England with a house full of empty-nest animals. Readers can catch up with Barbara through her newsletter. SIgn up at www.barbarawallace.com

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- Just when you thought mom was going to set the good example 3  3

SPOILERS INCLUDED: JAB gave you the summary, so you just get my opinions. Generally, I liked it. The heroine was strong but very normal, and even though she was dealing with the worst life could throw at her, she didn't lose her caring heart. The hero was the rather typical, rich, heartless victim of a dysfunctional family who never knew what love was or what he was missing until he encountered the heroine's caring heart. Slowly she breaks down his defenses, sometimes by simply breaking down under life's pressure in front of him, teaching him to think about someone other than himself in the process. We reach the point that they get tempted and jump in bed for a little BBV [Bed Before Vows], but the heroine regroups her morals after the fact and puts a stop to further incursions considering the example she is setting for her teenage son, and I was glad to see it... was wishing she'd taken that stance BEFORE hand... but sadly, it didn't last. She opens his heart, teaches the hero to love, and when they marry a year later she appears to be approaching her third term of pregnancy meaning it wasn't that first time they did it. So much for her good example, and while some might say, 'But it's okay. The hero purposed to her! They are getting married,' I'll remind you where the teenage son came from. That guy had purposed too. The fact is, until the 'I do's are said and the ring is on the finger, a woman is taking risks, and for a bit there, I had thought our heroine was going to set a good example.

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3.5 hockey and love 4  4

The heroine is the mother of a teenager who deals with all the financial woes as well as the worry of dealing with a new boss since her last boss who was a great guy died recently. The new boss turns out to be the man's son that was taken by his mother in the custody battle and barely saw the man, so he has no attachment to him or the company he left behind. In fact, their first meeting is quite cold when he rejects her question for a raise and won't listen to her reason why. In fact, the man has set himself to be a scrooge till an accident by snow gives the hero and the heroine the opportunity to see the other side of the other. The hero is invited to hockey matches, pancakes to raise money, and meeting other members of the community. Now, what I liked was reading the heroine dealing with the struggling finances, trying to give her kid the best she can, raising a teenager, and broken furnaces. It's a lot of her to deal with and the hero is there to support her with his words. His words of encouragement and the promise of a raise are the start of building a bridge between the two. They enjoy each other's company as they work and go to the point of having a physical relationship. However, the heroine is hesitant to pursue a relationship because of what happened to the last one when her boyfriend abandoned her during their elopement. The hero goes along with it but it seems the two have a hard time adjusting to being single. However, a gift from the heroine gives the hero the courage to open his heart to the heroine at her son's hockey game. The heroine is overwhelmed with happiness and fear that it might not be true that she makes a run for it with the hero going after her. Their scene is seen by the son's hockey members and the son encourages his mom to be brave. It's really a romantic scene and a bit of a late shotgun wedding in the end. I really did like it.

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